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My Trading Skills Were Worse Than Yours...

In my first two months, I lost around 70% of my account.
I struggled.

I didn't know who to talk to, or what to learn.
I was confused.

One day, I came across a trading course that looked awesome...
The price: $1,995...

How could I afford that? There was no way.

I kept researching forex trading on the internet. Most of what I came across was useless. I pored over blogs and forums, but nothing helped my trading skills.

I got serious.

I invested in a Forex trading course.
I followed the course, and applied the teachings but...

It didn't help. My trades still weren't consistently profitable. Something was missing.

A few months later, I started meeting up with other traders. I talked about my struggles, and they gave me advice to help me improve.

My trades finally started coming together. I started to win.

I kept coming back to meet them, and got my first 3 consecutive winning months EVER!

I realized something...

Courses teach you the basics.

Communities help you succeed. Hurdles are easier to jump over when you have other people that show you how to do it.

If you want to succeed, you need to learn from people who have already been where you are.

As Seen On:

The Academy

The problem is...

How can you meet experienced traders when you are just starting out?

When I started, I didn't know anyone who traded. Through an online meet up group, I finally found experienced traders to talk to. When I started discussing trading techniques and problems with other traders, that’s when I finally started to succeed.

I thought:

Other people should know this information. You too should be able to trade forex and live a fulfilling life.

So I opened...

The DesireToTRADE Academy

Created for one reason:

To help YOU achieve your trading goals. We surround you with other successful traders. You have access to all the training resources you need to start making winning trades.

You will have everything you need to create a solid winning strategy that you can STICK to.

You will become a part of our private family - made up of fellow freedom seekers and ambitious traders.

It’s the one place you can go to get everything you need - without the BS.

How would you feel if you had all the support, accountability, training and knowledge you need in one place?

Who Is Your Teacher?

My name is Etienne Crete, and I struggled for 2 years to get trading right. Now I make my living trading Forex, and want to help others do the same.

I couldn't find a place that had all the information that new traders would need. Most sites have way too much random junk and scattered ideas on them.

I created the DesireToTRADE Academy for aspiring Forex traders so they can learn a solid process that gets them results and doesn't let them down.

I started with the Desire To Trade Podcast, and then this blog. The feedback I got from aspiring traders was amazing!

Bryan McAboy

Etienne is one of the rising trading educators because of his sincerity, integrity, work ethic, general down-to-earth manner.

Bryan McAboy, Inside Out Trading

Grab All The Tools You Need To Transform Into a Profitable Forex Trader in One Place!

  • Powerful Community

    Exchange valuable tips with other Forex traders. Get solutions to your problems. Get advice on ways to improve your trading strategy

  • Monthly Mastermind Calls & Webinars

    Get on the phone or watch a new webinar tied to your situation every month to keep moving forward

  • Actionable Trading Strategies

    The community focuses on learning a few things and executing them consistently. Unlock access to up-to-date actionable training material.

  • Result Guides & Checklists

    The most powerful techniques are backed by guides, checklists, and cheat sheets so you can apply them and take immediate action

  • Accountability System

    It has been proven that being accountable to someone can skyrocket your success. You now have a whole community to keep you accountable

  • Keep it simple

    We make Forex Trading simple. There are tons of useless information out there. The Academy gives you only the important lessons, and keeps them simple

As A Member Of The Academy, You Will:

  • Be Around Other Forex Traders

    This is where the full power of the Academy comes in as you see what other traders are struggling with and what actions they take to move forward.

  • Stay Accountable

    Most traders fail because they’re not accountable to anyone. As part of the Academy, you’ll be kept accountable and that will ultimately help you succeed.

  • Avoid Feeling Overwhelmed

    You will only have access to information to the information that truly helps you succeed, and we will teach you to ignore the rest.

  • Track Your Progress

    The Academy has a built-in tracking system. That means you can receive help whenever things don’t go your way!

  • Get 24/7 Access To A Portal That Is Constantly Updated

    Wherever you are and whatever time it is, you’ll be able to access the content of the DesireToTRADE Academy and take your next step toward becoming a top Forex trader!

Ready to Take Your Forex Trading to the Next Level?

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In-Depth Technical Analysis & Psychology Techniques Kept Simple!

The DesireToTRADE Academy is packed with comprehensive techniques explained simply so you can learn and apply techniques used by professional traders!

BONUS: Premium Forex Trading Course is included for free!

  • 1

    Define Your Life Vision & Goals As A Trader

    In this module, you'll see how to come up with a vision for your trading success. You'll be able to follow a specific process to establish your goals. This will keep you motivated on your trading journey.

  • 2

    Understand The Market

    This might just make the biggest difference in your trading results. You will learn to spot good and reliable trades in any market condition. You will learn to understand the market and how it moves. This is crucial whatever time frame you trade in.

  • 3

    Trading Zones & Price Action

    Price action is the most powerful aspect of any price chart. You will learn precisely what to look for, and the various elements included in price action.

  • 4

    Technical Analysis - Using Indicators

    You will learn how indicators work, and discover the reason why you can't use the same indicator for every trade. You will learn exactly when to use which indicator and how to use them.

  • 5

    Manage Your Trades

    You've probably heard of the importance of money management, right? This module shows you advanced techniques you can use to maximize profits from winning trades and minimize what losses from losing trades.

  • 6

    Define Your Trading Strategy

    Here is where you put your strategy together. You will define precisely what you're going to trade and when. You won't find any "textbook examples", you will see examples based on real charts.

  • 7

    Execute Your Trading Strategy Like A Pro

    Planning is a lot different from actually executing. This module shows you how you can prepare yourself to ensure you execute your trading strategy effectively.

  • 8

    Key Elements To Trading Success

    Here you'll discover specific activities and habits to implement that will quickly improve your trading results. All these habits have been tried and suggested by many different traders, and made a huge difference for me. Apply these habits to improve your results!

  • 9

    The Confident Trader

    This part of the course has everything to do with building your confidence so you can succeed as a trader in the long-run and getting back on track when things don't go your way.

  • 10

    Advanced Techniques Of Great Traders

    In this last module, you'll get insights most trading coaches don't ever talk about. You will see what you can start doing once you've mastered your trading strategy, and how you can plan to get even better and become one of the top traders.

Courses You'll Get Access To:

There are always more courses coming up...

The Academy Is NOT For Everyone...

Can you commit to becoming a better trader? If no, I totally get it... the DesireToTRADE Academy might not be a good fit for you at this point.

If you are searching for something to 'get-rich-quick', you won't do well in trading. You need to invest time into trading and educating yourself to get the most out of the Academy.

If you can commit at least 4 hours a month to training in the Academy, you will do well.

You'll find that the people in the DesireToTRADE Academy are some of the most serious and action-taking traders you've ever meet.

Join The Academy Today!

Monthly Trader
  • Access To All Courses
  • Monthly Mastermind Live Calls
  • Result Guides, Checklists, & Cheat Sheets
Elite Trader
  • Everything in the Monthly Trader, Plus:
  • Academy Mastermind Group
  • 1-on-1 Trading Plan Implementation Sessions

What Our Students Say About the Academy:

Thomas P.

I found the modules to be clear and concise, in particular covering key patterns to predict direction and deal with some of the underlying issues.

Thomas P.
Abteen M.

An excellent program! I am delighted by training received in only 2 months. It has given me the confidence and thought me a lot!

Abteen M.

I'm going over your day trader courses now. Definitely having those "A ha" moments.

Marie C.

I tend to lose my focus but those webinars and events are very helpful. Thank you

Jose A. G.
Brian P.

This was excellent info. I never thought of this approach. This just opened up a whole new world of trading to me.

Brian P.

Ready to take your trading to a new level?

Top 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions

How much does DesireToTRADE Academy cost?

The standard fee is $69 a month. Contact us for one-time Platinum pricing.

Is there any long-term commitment?

No. You can cancel your membership at any time.

How can I access the material?

The content in the Academy is available 24/7 from your phone, computer or tablet. Think of it as your personal trading university that's available everywhere.

Can I access old materials?

All past trainings are recorded so you can watch them at any time. Each month, new content, guides, and material is rolled out. You'll have access to it at any time afterward.

I've seen a lot of similar online trading courses - what makes this one different and why should I spend the money?

Think about all the other memberships or online programs you’ve seen. Take out all the fluff and all the B.S. Add in someone who has been in the trenches and who has PROVEN which methods work, time and time again. Add in monthly support for traders, and you get the power of the Academy.

DesireToTRADE Academy also reaches out and interviews the most successful traders in the world and combines their teachings into lessons you'll have access to. Most courses are only about "one guy".

If I cancel, can I still access the content?

You will have access to all the content until your subscription expires. If you paid up-front, you will still have access to the material for 12 months.

Will I get access to Etienne?

You can talk with Etienne at every single monthly webinar, and you can see the content he's constantly producing. You can also schedule exclusive coaching calls with Etienne for an additional fee.

How many hours do I need to dedicate to get the most out of the Academy?

Upon joining the Academy, you will see that the more time you invest in learning and practicing, the more results you'll see. It is recommended that you schedule around 4 hours each month to learn and implement what's in the Academy.

How can I get a refund if I'm not satisfied?

If you paid for a monthly membership, you can get a full refund within the first 14 days of the membership. If you paid for a yearly membership, you can get refunded within the first 30 days. Platinum members (one-time fee) can get a refund within the first 14 days. If you bought a $1 trial, you are not eligible for a refund. See the full details here.

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