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Get Personally Coached by A Forex Trader Who's Been In Your Shoes And Reached Profitability

Hey there, Etienne Crete here… If you're on this page, you definitely have an interest for one-on-one coaching.
Having a trading coach or buying trading programs isn't essential to succeed in trading. At first, I didn't want to spend any money so I learned everything by myself through hundred of hours of research on the Internet. However, if you want to accelerate your growth as a trader, I'm here to help you. I will bring you through the learning process as smoothly as I can. What you must understand though, is that trading requires an investment of your efforts.
You want to learn in an environment where the focus is on you...YOUR growth as a trader. And this is exactly what I want to make my mission. I want to provide you with the tools you are going to need to reach your trading goals. If you haven't made your mind about trading, check out a few of my articles to get clear on what you want. However, if you are serious and dedicated about trading, let's work together!
Not everyone succeed in the Forex trading world. If you do not have the personal support and technical skills you need as an aspiring trader, it becomes much harder to even reach profitability. I want to give you a clear path to your goals.

You Will Get Access To A Video Course


I give access to Power Trader for all my students. That will allow you to go back on your own and see examples of what we discussed during our coaching calls. You get unlimited access.

This is invaluable… and will help you remember EVERYTHING we go through on the calls.

Every Successful Person Has a Coach!

You will need to answer the few questions in the form below. This will qualify you for a free strategy call to discuss how I can help. You will be notified within 48 hours if your application was accepted or denied. When you get to trade, as your passion, it makes life MUCH more enjoyable!

Here's What We'll Be Covering On Your Coaching Calls

One thing I noticed through my past students is that every single person has his own objectives. In addition, aspiring traders tend to experience problems on various areas of trading. As a result of that, I want to make sure that the support I bring you is fully personalized. I will teach you basic techniques and dive in more personalized areas of trading. These areas might include:
  • Creating a trading plan that you will be able to stick to
  • Putting in place a trading routine that will decrease mistakes and bad trades
  • Using alternative technical analysis techniques
  • Creating a plan for day trading and ensuring it fits your personality
  • Anything else you’d like to cover

Free Strategy Call

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Here's What My Students Say...

An excellent program. I am delighted with the training received in 2-month coaching program. It has given me confidence and taught me a lot.
Thanks for all your great work.

Abteen M.
Abteen M.

I was nice talking with Étienne. He helped me a lot with choosing my trading strategy really helped me a lot. Thank you big man!

Thulani N.

I found [the calls] to be clear and concise, in particular covering key patterns to predict direction and deal with some of the underlying issues, particularly money management and the importance of take profit and stop loss numbers.  Particularly useful was the detail on how to identify trending vs ranging charts, and improved risk management through techniques such as double take profit amounts.

Thomas P.
Thomas P.