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This is the beginning of a movement..

If you're like most of our Desire To Trade community, then you know how valuable freedom is and why it's absolutely crucial to live life on your own terms.

And that every single moment we have should be spent building our own dreams instead of getting hired to build someone else's.

So in order to help more people escape the rat race and build their trading as a powerful stream of income, I created a complete trading mastery program with the help of other trading coaches to help you start & get profitable trading Forex while developing the skills only 5% of traders will ever acquire in their lifetime.

Ready To Get To Work? Here Are The Tools You'll Need & Get Access To...

  • Powerful Community

    Exchange valuable tips with other Forex traders. Get solutions to your problems. Get advice on ways to improve your trading strategy!

  • Monthly Office Hours & Mastermind

    Get on the phone or watch a new webinar tied to your situation every month to keep moving forward!

  • Actionable Trading Strategies

    The community focuses on learning a few things and executing them well consistently. You won't be overwhelmed, but you'll get access to up-to-date actionable training material.

  • Result Guides & Checklists

    The most powerful techniques are backed by guides, checklists, and cheat sheets so you can apply them and take immediate action! Print those as soon as you get them!

  • Accountability System

    It has been proven that being accountable to someone can skyrocket your success. Getting around a coach & people with the same goals is the best way to stay accountable.

  • Comprehensive & Simplified Lessons

    There are tons of useless information out there. The Academy gives you only the important lessons. What's more? It's applied on live charts!

This is what the member dashboard looks like...

A 10-Week Core Course That Drives You Straight To Successful Full-Time Trading

  • 1

    Week 1: Define Your Life Vision & Goals As A Trader

    In this module, you'll see how to come up with a vision for your trading success. You'll be able to follow a specific process to establish your goals. This will keep you motivated on your trading journey.

  • 2

    Week 2: Understand The Market & Market Phase

    This might just make the biggest difference in your trading results. You will learn to spot good and reliable trades in any market condition. You will learn to understand the market and how it moves. This is crucial whatever time frame you trade in.

  • 3

    Week 3: Trading Zones & Price Action

    Price action is the most powerful aspect of any price chart. You will learn precisely what to look for, and the various elements included in price action.

  • 4

    Week 4: Technical Analysis - Using Indicators In Various Market Conditions

    You will learn how indicators work, and discover the reason why you can't use the same indicator for every trade. You will learn exactly when to use which indicator and how to use them.

  • 5

    Week 5: Manage Your Trades

    You've probably heard of the importance of money management, right? This module shows you advanced techniques you can use to maximize profits from winning trades and minimize what losses from losing trades.

  • 6

    Week 6: Define Your Trading Strategy

    Here is where you put your strategy together. You will define precisely what you're going to trade and when. You won't find any "textbook examples", you will see examples based on real charts.

  • 7

    Week 7: Execute Your Trading Strategy Like A Pro

    Planning is a lot different from actually executing. This module shows you how you can prepare yourself to ensure you execute your trading strategy effectively.

  • 8

    Week 8: Key Elements To Trading Success

    Here you'll discover specific activities and habits to implement that will quickly improve your trading results. All these habits have been tried and suggested by many different traders, and made a huge difference for me. Apply these habits to improve your results!

  • 9

    Week 9: The Confident Trader

    This part of the course has everything to do with building your confidence so you can succeed as a trader in the long-run and getting back on track when things don't go your way.

  • 10

    Week 10: Advanced Techniques Of Great Traders

    In this last module, you'll get insights most trading coaches don't ever talk about. You will see what you can start doing once you've mastered your trading strategy, and how you can plan to get even better and become one of the top traders.

What Programs Are Included In The Membership?

Power Trader is the core program in the Desire To TRADE Academy. It contains 10 modules that cover all essential aspects of trading - trading strategy, mindset, and money management.

Value: $495

The Ultimate Day Trader showcases, with live chart example & live trading sessions, how to trade the 3 major sessions intraday in the Forex market. Complete and comprehensive trading strategies are provided and common day trading mistakes are highlighted.

Value: $295

The Trading Strategy Playbook details the strategies I currently use in the Forex market. This is an advanced training that also explains how to perform multiple timeframe analysis to increase the probability and profitability of your trades.

Value: $245

The Trading Strategy Series features three swing trading strategies that can be applied in the Forex market. Those are strategies I have created checklists for and require less than 1hr a day to be traded properly.

Value: $195

The Professional Trader's Risk Management Intensive guides you through all the things you need to put in place to trade for other people. It contains 6 value-packed audio modules that you can listen every morning and execute on.

Value: $349

The Forex Trading Psychology Mastery (FTPM) contains all the powerful lessons a Forex trader needs to learn when it comes to psychology & trading mindset. You'll get to figure out what trading style is best for you & much more.

Value: $697

The Full-Time Forex Trading Accelerator (FTFTA) is a program covering step-by-step how to create a trading business plan for your career as a full-time Forex trader.

Value: $497

The Academy Focuses On Creating Real Results!

Jose A. G. Jose A. G.

"I tend to lose my focus but those webinars and events are very helpful."

Marie C. Marie C.

"I'm going over your day trader courses now. Definitely having those "A ha" moments."

Desire To Trade Academy - LIMITED-TIME OFFER

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Access To 7 PRO Courses
Monthly Live Group Mastermind Calls
Access To Messaging Mastermind Group
Result Guides, Checklists, & Cheat Sheets
Automated Backtesting Script Template For MT4
Trader Assessment: Find Out Your #1 Trading Style
Professional Trading Metrics Spreadsheet

Starting Trader

$47 /month

Regular: $69/month

  • Access To 7 PRO Courses
  • Monthly Live Group Mastermind Calls
  • Access To Messaging Mastermind Group
  • Result Guides, Checklists, & Cheat Sheets
  • Automated Backtesting Script Template For MT4
  • Trader Assessment: Find Out Your #1 Trading Style
  • Professional Trading Metrics Spreadsheet

Elite Trader

$497 /lifetime

Regular: $697

  • Access To 7 PRO Courses
  • Monthly Live Group Mastermind Calls
  • Access To Messaging Mastermind Group
  • Result Guides, Checklists, & Cheat Sheets
  • Automated Backtesting Script Template For MT4
  • Trader Assessment: Find Out Your #1 Trading Style
  • Professional Trading Metrics Spreadsheet

What Our Students Say About the Academy:

  • I found the modules to be clear and concise, in particular covering key patterns to predict direction and deal with some of the underlying issues.
    Thomas P. Thomas P.
  • An excellent program! I am delighted by training received in only 2 months. It has given me the confidence and thought me a lot!
    Abteen M. Abteen M.
  • I have gained clarity on why adopting a simple and robust methodology is so important to my trading success. I will update you on any major milestones I achieve.
    Mike M. Mike M.
  • My trading has been going well. Marketshave been a bit tough this last while with the liquidity, high spreads and so on...but i managed to survive. I am also excited for this year...I'll have another account for my swing new project i am taking on...really looking forward 😆👌 Thanks for all your help, support and hard work, Etienne.
    Johann S. Johann S.
  • This was excellent info. I never thought of this approach. This just opened up a whole new world of trading to me.
    Brian P. Brian P.

Top 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions

How much does DesireToTRADE Academy cost?

If you're seeing this page, you're having a special promotion at $497, including a series of bonuses. You're lucky!

Is there any long-term commitment?

No. You can cancel your membership at any time.

How can I access the material?

The content in the Academy is available 24/7 from your phone, computer or tablet. Think of it as your personal trading university that's available everywhere.

Can I access old materials?

All past trainings are recorded so you can watch them at any time. New content, guides, and material is frequently rolled out. You'll have access to it at any time afterward.

I've seen a lot of similar online trading courses - what makes this one different and why should I spend the money?

First off, this program isn't a course. I don't believe in 'trading courses'. Think about all the other memberships or online programs you’ve seen. Take out all the fluff and all the B.S. Add in someone who has been in the trenches by trading & interviewing hundreds of successful traders. Add in monthly support for traders, and you get the power of the Academy.

If I cancel, can I still access the content?

You will have access to all the content until your subscription expires. If you paid up-front, you will still have access to the material for 12 months.

Will I get access to Etienne?

You can talk with Etienne at every single monthly office hours, and you can see the content he's constantly producing. If you are not a Pro Trader, you can also schedule exclusive coaching calls with Etienne for an additional fee.

How many hours do I need to dedicate to get the most out of the Academy?

Upon joining the Academy, you will see that the more time you invest in learning and practicing, the more results you'll see. It is recommended that you schedule around 4 hours each month to learn and implement what's in the Academy.

How can I get a refund if I'm not satisfied?

If you paid for a Starting Trader membership, you can get a full refund within the first 14 days of the membership. If you paid for a Elite Trader membership, you can get refunded within the first 14 days. Platinum Trader members can get a refund prior to the first coaching session only (maximum 14 days after purchase). More details here.

So, In Summary...

With the Desire To TRADE Academy, you'll get:

Only Academy of Its Kind

The reason why I created the Desire To TRADE Academy is I couldn't find anything like it on the market. Few 'course sellers' are willing to go out of their way to provide ongoing support and to build a network among members. And no one focuses on helping you actually travel more as you trade!


Multiple Memberships in One

Power Trader, The Ultimate Day Trader, the Trading Strategy Playbook, etc. are all separate products that used to sell for a very high price each. Yet, as an Academy member, you have access to all three for a fraction of the price.


Exclusive Content That Never Goes On The Podcast

I ensured to cover all aspects you need to know and, although you're still getting a lot from the Desire To Trade Podcast, the Academy is primarily focused on a more personal support through which the focus will be on your goals.


12+ Comprehensive Templates and Cheat Sheets

This Academy isn't just about reading & learning. It's about having something practical that you'll be able to turn into trading income. That's what those template & cheat sheets are all about!


Access, Access, Access

As a member of the Academy, you become part of the family! If you ask a question to me, or the community – you will get an answer. No more road blocks, no more searching for help, it’s all right here waiting for you.

"Just wanted to thank you for all the amazing resources you’ve made available through your podcast. I’m still pretty much a newbie and learning via a demo account, and haven’t yet fully decided on a trading strategy. What you've made available has clarified so much, thank you."

Aleck K.
Aleck K. Forex Trader
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