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I Really Started Trading The Wrong Way...

I started getting involved into Forex trading in 2013…

In my first two months of trading, I lost around 70% of my account. I really struggled to make any sort of profit, or to do anything besides lose money. It seemed the more time I spent trading, the more money I lost.

The truth is, I didn’t know who to talk to, or what I needed to learn. I was so confused – how did all the traders I saw online made things look so easy? I spent months looking for that ‘ah ah moment' I was missing.

After a while of not getting results, I decided to change my approach: I bought my first trading book.

What I didn't realize at the time was that the way to become a profitable trader isn't through books.

I could accumulate as much knowledge as I wanted, nothing changed in my P&L. I was still losing money…

The thing is, although I tried to stick to a specific trading strategy, I wasn't convinced in any of those and expected I could find something better. The need for perfection kept me stuck.

Later on, as I was studying abroad in Hong Kong, I came across a new group that had formed in Montreal called Montreal Traders Meetup.

The idea of meeting other traders sounded interesting at the time.

As soon as I came back home, I went to one of the monthly meetings.

Needless to say that the results astonished me…

Then, I Realized ONE Thing That Made Me Change

In only one evening, I learned more than in 2 years of researching by myself.

What's more?

I got clear on one thing…if you want to succeed in the Forex trading, you got to surround yourself with traders playing at a higher level than you are!!

That was a major takeaway!

Most of what is out there is making it very confusing for aspiring Forex trader.

You're aware of that right?

Well, there is a much faster way to reach your goals…

You want to master Forex trading? Trade for other people? Get more freedom? Then get around people who've achieved what you want to achieve.

And by that, I don't mean read books, watch useless theory videos or follow signals…

I mean get around other traders, ask questions and have someone to guide you as you climb the ladder and start to become a consistently profitable trader.

The problem is…

Most people online aren't willing to provide ongoing support (i.e. the kind of support you really need to grow as a full-time Forex trader).

In addition to that, I personally found it hard myself to be around other traders most of the time.

When I started in Forex, I didn't know anyone who traded. But, when I began discussing trading techniques and problems with other traders, that’s when I finally started to succeed.

That was the very first step in me getting to trade full-time!

Don't get me wrong…it took hard work but things unfolded fairly quickly after that.

I got the lessons of hundreds of highly successful traders through the Desire To Trade Podcast.

I began trading for other people and embarked on an adventure of trading Forex while traveling.

That was great, but part of my essential values in life is impact. Anywhere I go, I'm looking to stand out and make an impact in a positive way.

I thought:

“Wait… what can I do that would have the biggest impact on the Forex trading industry?”

And after talking with hundreds of traders, here's what came out of it:

The Desire To TRADE Academy

Created for one reason:

To help YOU develop the skills you need to trade for others while you travel the world.

As I started to trade for other people, I discovered that this was a whole other (but very rewarding) game! You must develop the skills required to get there.

And if there's one thing I've discovered over the last months I spent traveling it's that trading & traveling isn't the same as when you're at home. Again, you must build up your skills, which I got pretty good at.

Not only do I want to make this possible for you, I also want to ensure we reduce your learning curve so you start to get results much faster!

The Desire To TRADE Academy is the one place you can go to get everything you need to trade & travel – without the BS.


Desire To TRADE Academy: Develop The Skills To You Need To Quit Your Job & Trade Full-Time