High Performance Trading:

Mindset Mastery Coaching Circles

With Mandi Pour Rafsendjani

High Performance Trading Mindset Mastery CircleProfessional coaching at $125/month

Discover the EXACT KEYS that can Unlock Your Trading Profits!

Who is this for?

This Mastermind Group is designed for Traders of all asset classes, who are dissatisfied with the speed at which they are progressing and the lack of support and direction available on a continuous basis.

Most trading coaches and social media posts preach what to do and what not to do. But:

"Everybody knows what to do, it's doing what you know that decides if you make it in trading or not!" Steve Ward

I hear it all the time from traders. They say, "I have read all the books on Trading Mindset, watched all the videos out there available, and I know what to do, but I am still struggling with my performance. I know that I have so much more potential!"

After working with countless traders, it has become apparent to me that with all the knowledge freely available on the internet, Traders don't need more knowledge, they need help implementing and applying this knowledge into their own life.

The thing is, how do you identify your self-sabotaging behavioral patterns that stop you from following your strategy, when they are programmed in your unconscious?

This is the reason why working with a qualified professional coach, who is trained in helping you identifying and removing these blockages so that you are free to do what you know to do, this is the fastest way to create real change.

How the Coaching Works?

Master The 3 Key Areas That Lead to Faster Progress

The Result: Reach The Mindset Of Top Traders!


Superior performance require a superior mindset! Receive a manual for how to your mind works and how to prime yourself for success, not only in trading, but in all areas of life (which to me is the definition of being ultimately wealthy). In this coaching circles, you learn how to cultivate a powerful mindset, develop winning behaviors and a strong mental attitude.

Structures and Framework

We help you to create and implement the Structures and Frameworks necessary and tailored to your circumstances, to build a Sustainable Trading Business

Ongoing Coaching and Support

We provide ongoing Coaching and Support in our Q and A webinar sessions, to help you overcome any challenges you may face on your trading journey, and teach you ‘how to do what you know you must in order to generate profits consistently'

This will help you to consistently make your trading decisions from a Strategic Place of Power.

The Training Includes

Weekly Live Group Training Sessions

Working with you on a specific topic and coaching you through any trading challenges, helping you to set up your trading business, and supporting you in implementing the habits, routines and systems necessary to succeed. (All sessions are recorded, so you can access them at any time)

In her weekly coaching circles Mandi will also help you implement the thinking concepts and frameworks of the most successful Trader Minds into your own mindset, you will get help to implement the structures and resources necessary to build a sustainable trading business, and you will learn practical skills and techniques successful traders use every day to comfortably live from their trading.

24/7 Trading Community

Every trader receives exclusive access to Mandi's private Slack chat community.
In the group will share with you:

  • Case Studies and Trading Examples from working with extraordinary traders and their inspiring stories of how they overcame their challenges and succeeded.
  • Q&A webinars: you can ask questions about how to deal with difficulties that you are looking for help with.

In this Mastermind group I have the opportunity to guide you through the pitfalls of trading by sharing with you everything that I have learned over the last 15+ years about becoming a profitable trader; including tips, tricks and practical tools I have added to my toolbox from working with some of the best performers in the industry.


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High Performance Trading Mindset Mastery CircleProfessional coaching at $125/month

Meet Your Instructor Mandi Pour Rafsendjani

Founder of speaker, Trader & Peak Performance Trading Coach

Mandi Rafsendjani has been an active trader in the financial markets for over a 15 years being o recognized as one of Australia’s premiere authorities in “The Psychology Behind Peak Trading Performance”.

She has worked with private traders, proprietary trading firms and boutique hedge funds achieving immediate changes and long-term results.

Mandi’s approach is engaging, sophisticated and dynamic ensuring an intellectual depth to each Session and Program.

What Do Mandi's Mentees Say After Working With Her?

"As my far as I'm concerned, Mandi is #1 for mindset."

It was great seeing inside professional coaching. Watching Mandi work is very insightful. It gave me great stuff on mindset and self understanding. The training gave me a lot of understanding about what I need to be focusing on. [...] The training I find to be down to earth.



I just wanted to touch base with you and update you on my progress. My trading has Improved and so has my mindset. I really have turned a corner.  Mandi has helped so much with that.


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Top 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the High Performance Trading: Mindset Mastery Coaching Circles program costs?

If you're seeing this page, you're having a special promotion at $125/month. (no lock in - can be cancelled at any time by contacting support@desiretotrade.com)

How can I access the material?

The content in the High Performance Trading: Mindset Mastery Coaching Circles program is available 24/7 from your phone, computer or tablet. Think of it as your personal trading university that's available everywhere. You'll be able to watch previous coaching call recordings in a few clicks.

Is there content frequently added to the program?

Yes! The program includes weekly live webinars where Mandi, you and other members work to achieve the highest levels in trading through ongoing support.

Will I get access to Mandi's advice & answers?

Absolutely! Mandi cares a lot about her clients and want to make sure you're getting results from her program. Every week you will have a live session with her in which you will work on specific aspects of your trading and you can let her know your challenges and improvements. This program is very adaptable to you.

How long is the High Performance Trading: Mindset Mastery Coaching Circles program?

Unlike a course this is a live program in which you get group access to Mandi. Therefore, every week will be different and you'll be learning and improving continually.

This is an ongoing improvement program. If you are putting in the work, you'll get a lot out of it!

How can I get a refund if I'm not satisfied?

This program has a strict no refunds policy since you get access to the content immediately and being a live program Mandi's time and resources can't be given back once you start. For this reason we are not able to provide refunds on this program.

"There are fundamental principles and rules, that once learned, practiced, and mastered, will significantly improve your odds of creating long lasting financial success."

High Performance Trading Mindset Mastery CircleProfessional coaching at $125/month

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