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The Desire To Trade Algo Nation Program has been created with one goal in mind. That is to provide you will the best resources that will allow you to successfully use any algorithmic trading strategy.

Be especially careful not to be overloaded with content and information, focus on mastery instead of quantity.

If you have any questions or suggestions to improve the Algo Nation Program, you can reach us directly at support@desiretotrade.com or on slack.

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Module 1 Course Introduction+
Lesson 1 Prop Funding - Course Introduction
Module 2 How the funding programs work+
Lesson 1 How the funding programs work
Module 3 Consistent Habits of the Funded Trader+
Lesson 1 Consistent Habits of the Funded Trader
Module 4 Essentials of Risk Management+
Lesson 1 Essentials of Risk Management
Module 5 Pre-Challenge Planning+
Lesson 1 Pre-Challenge Planning
Module 6 Strategies For Funding Challenges+
Lesson 1 Strategies For Funding Challenges
Lesson 2 The Secretariat Setup
Lesson 3 Bollinger Bands Reversal Swing Trading Strategy
Lesson 4 The Secretariat Setup - Secretariat and Separation
Module 7 Managing your Progress During the Challenge+
Lesson 1 Managing your Progress During the Challenge
Lesson 2 Trade Size Management During the Challenge
Module 8 Next Steps after the Challenge+
Lesson 1 Next Steps after the Challenge
Module 9 Managing Capital+
Lesson 1 Managing Capital

Bollinger Bands Reversal EA (BBR) Files

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Risk Management EA

The pre-configured Telegram channels run by the team at Desire To Trade for our members to get pre-configured notifications from the Trading Assistant with 0 setup required on your side.

Note: If you want to get personalized notifications (eg. different instruments, timeframes, settings/filters applied) you will need to set up the BBR Trading Assistant on your side following the provided PDF and Video documentation.

The “Base” channel runs the BBR Trading Assitant on all Major Pairs and Major Crosses + a few extra instruments requested by our members. All the Instruments are run on the H1 and H4 timeframes with the default settings.

The “Filtered” channel runs the BBR Trading Assistant on the same pairs and timeframes than the Base channel but with the additional use of the S/R area filter. The sones for the S/R area filter used are manually updated by our team on a weekly basis.

Every time there is an update to the zones our team will post a file with the updated sones on the slack channel.


    One word: Frustration. 

    When I first started Desire To Trade back in 2016,  we came across many individuals telling us they had paid thousands of dollars to other trader education services and in the end did not result in them being successful traders, including fees for funding challenges with no success.  We believe that success cannot come solely from a package of videos nor without the importance of one-on-one continued support and guidance. The early learning curve period in any business, particularly trading, is a fragile one. In order to maintain focus and to minimize mistakes, you need an experienced professional team to guide you.  Our vision is to provide services that move our members from their current state to their desired place. This is no different for our newest offering with helping traders seeking to get funded.

    Our company combines our professional trading experience in trading forex as well as other instruments.  We trade every trading day whether it be discretionary or using one of our proprietary trade algorithms.

    There are several factors that will help you make the right decision about which challenge to take. The major prop firms all have their own requirements for each trader to comply with. Amount of starting capital, style of trading allowed, types of underlying products, and profit splits are just a few of the variables that need to be considered. We take a deep dive into all of the components of the challenge and match them with the type of trader that would result in a good fit for you on Module 2.

    We never like to use the term ‘fail’ when pursuing anything in life.
    Giving Feedback to traders who were unsuccessful during their first challenge we often found that issues other than the trading itself that played a role in the outcome. Trading off a new platform, getting familiar with the rules, and live trading anxiety in the challenge can be overwhelming the first time around. We heard you and dedicated an entire course module focused on the pre-challenge preparation.
    Many have told us that this education was their ‘I wish I had’ training when they were unsuccessful during their first attempt. We see the entire challenge as one step in a long journey. Persistence is also a great selling feature when seeking to trade for prop firms, who are seeking individuals who are willing to develop and have a determination to succeed.

    If anyone has an unprecedented will to succeed, they will be successful at anything. In this business, there are so many obstacles to overcome: knowledge, market and trader psychology, learning curves, and of course, money management and discipline.
    Unfortunately, less than 20% of all traders who take a challenge are actually successful the first time around. Our message is getting the tools and roadmap of how to successfully complete the challenge before they sign up for them, similar to a student taking a prep course before taking their university placement testing.

    You should have a familiarity with the markets you are looking to trade but you do not need trading experience to be successful. In fact, a good portion of our educational work is deprogramming some of the bad habits of experienced traders.
    The most challenging are the ones who require focus in the areas of discipline and risk management. The ones who come forward with no premonitions and the focus on learning the right way generally are the ones who have a quicker learning curve.

    Reach out to us on slack via direct message. We also have a slack chat channel specifically for our Prop Funding Course members where you can ask any questions regarding your challenge, progress or anything related to the program. This is a great tool to take advantage of while preparing for the challenge.
    We can’t wait to support you in your funding journey!

    You can also join us in our monthly live virtual meeting room trading room. This meeting is hosted by one of our trading professionals and is your opportunity to ask any questions you may have regarding your challenge. We encourage all members to attend at least one session before they start a challenge.

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