1. December 31, 2018 at 12:36 pm — Reply

    It would be simpler if you stated what exactly needs to be completed in the prior lesson !?!?!

    • December 31, 2018 at 3:16 pm — Reply

      You mean kind of an action plan? I like the idea…

  2. December 31, 2018 at 12:38 pm — Reply

    I am having great difficulty accessing lesson #2. I kerp getting the same message to go and complete the previous lesson but there is nothing to complete!?

    • December 31, 2018 at 3:15 pm — Reply

      Simply click the “Mark as Completed” under the video for each module :)

  3. December 31, 2018 at 7:23 pm — Reply

    Thank you Etienne. It worked!

  4. January 1, 2019 at 6:20 pm — Reply

    Hello and thanks for the course. I would like to know if it is possible to get more chart examples please. Indeed an aim per section would be cool.

    • January 2, 2019 at 9:51 am — Reply

      There will be several examples in module 4 of the course :)

  5. January 2, 2019 at 7:21 pm — Reply

    Great stuff Here Etienne.

  6. January 15, 2019 at 2:08 am — Reply

    I really like the idea of confluence! Thanks for sharing, Etienne!

  7. February 23, 2019 at 3:25 am — Reply

    Hi Etienne.
    My takeaway from this module is “confluence equals to edge”. There is so much hype about finding your “edge”. This module has nailed it. Trading with confluence is trading with an edge. Second takeaway is the series or sequence of events i.e. Starting with S&R through PA to Indicators. Not the other way round as it’s tempting to do :)

  8. March 4, 2019 at 5:33 pm — Reply

    Many thanks for your simple explanations looking forward the next lesson !

  9. March 12, 2019 at 8:24 am — Reply

    Thank you for sharing this and for free too. For some more advanced traders I would think it is pretty annoying waiting for a whole day for the next section to see if there is any value here :).

    • March 12, 2019 at 10:32 am — Reply

      Hi TJ,
      Glad you enjoy the content.
      The scheduling is actually for both advanced and beginner traders. It is designed so that you take your time and apply the process. Many people skip this step that is why we pace the content so that it has more value for all of you.

  10. June 11, 2019 at 7:34 pm — Reply

    I got emailed saying that I can access this module, but I still can’t (3 hours left).

    I’m not sure I like this waiting rule, especially for the first module, which was pretty short. I feel like I could have done more than just the first module without any problems and I wanted to do this module now (as it is when I have time) but can’t because I’m locked out due to it have not being 24 hours yet.

    If the time thing is absolutely necessary, might I suggest that it clears on the new day, rather than a hard 24 hour limit?

    • June 13, 2019 at 11:00 pm — Reply

      Hi Jamal, if you have an account for the Desire To Trade Academy, we can clear the delay for you. Simply email support@desiretotrade.com and let us know which course(s) you want to go through.

  11. August 27, 2019 at 3:26 pm — Reply

    Thank you. Thank you.
    Simple and pointed.

    • August 29, 2019 at 8:40 am — Reply

      My pleasure! Now time to put it into action :)

  12. September 8, 2019 at 11:14 pm — Reply

    Hey Etienne, in today’s society there are very very few people who don’t have an agenda , that are doing something genuinely just to help others..
    Thank you very much for posting and sharing what you have learnt, it is really unique for you to offer the insight to what you have learnt at no charge .
    I have listened to you on podcasts, YouTube and follow u on Twitter. All that information has been extremely motivational and very insightful to help me take my treading to the level I want to be.
    I have used your above strategy with some minor changes to suite me. I have done backtesting, and I am very happy with the results,
    I am now doing some in-depth backtesting on excel.
    With how society is these days , you don’t get free information like this and on top of it you are happy to give of your time and respond to questions .
    Thank you very much , you are doing great work.

  13. October 23, 2019 at 4:33 am — Reply

    G’day Etienne, I agree with the above comment from Warren V, very grateful for the free content. I’ve been interested in back testing a bollinger band strategy so looking forward to this once i get through the course.

  14. January 21, 2020 at 1:21 am — Reply

    Hi Etienne, this is a great video series and im learning a lot. Very grateful to you for providing this. I’ve just completed Module 2, so still a few days to go. I wonder if once i complete all the vids if I still have access so I can watch all the vids a second or third time to help it sink in?

    • January 21, 2020 at 1:54 am — Reply

      Yes, you’ll be able to access the content after you finish the course. I definitely recommend you go through the videos several times to absorb all the information.

  15. December 12, 2020 at 11:57 am — Reply

    so what about market phase how we look that as we use Bollinger bands for indicator, head and solders for pattern what do we look for market phase

    • January 17, 2021 at 12:59 am — Reply

      The market phase is something you identify mamnually. There are no reliable indicators for it. Simply looking at the chart is enough to know which market phase we are in.

  16. January 16, 2021 at 5:07 am — Reply

    Hi Etienne is there any video walkthrough of the bb strategy

    • January 17, 2021 at 12:57 am — Reply

      Yes, it’s in the Trading Strategy Playbook course or on YouTube: https://youtu.be/vk94RhMrJJM

      Message me on Slack if you don’t have access to the Trading Strategy Playbook

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