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Aren't you tired of missing a trade, because you're not in front of your screen every single minute?

Our mission is to empower independent traders like you, looking for more freedom through Forex trading. Our years of research and development gave us the opportunity to create the best and only personalized trading assistant on the market.

"Personalized trade notification system sending you a chart screenshot for your rules in real-time"

Customizable trading alerts directly to your phone.


What's Unique About This Trade Assistant?

  • You Can Get Trade Alerts At Work Without Watching The Charts!

    Missing trades because you're at work and can't watch the charts isn't an excuse! The Trading Assistant will send you alerts on your phone (currently through Telegram) so you know when your set up is ready. Focus on work and trade when needed!

  • You Can Get Alerts For Your Own Strategy Or Our Proven One!

    The Trading Assistant can be configured so you'll receive professional trade alerts based on your own trading strategy rules!

  • It's The Perfect Solution For Those Aspiring To Trade Forex & Travel The World!

    As a traveling Forex trader, you have way more to do than watching the charts all day. Explore the city you're in and let the Trade Assistant alert you of your trades!

Who Is This For?

  • Johnny "Hates His Boss" Miller

    Been working in the same company for 15 years, one of his biggest challenges was to look at charts during the work week.

  • Yuan "Tried Everything" Lee

    Started to trade 2 years ago and quickly dived into books & courses, hasn't been able to see any progress and never made a plan due to the enjoyable time spent in family.

  • Alvaro "The Entrepreneur" Lopez

    Been quite successful at building a thriving business in the recent years. Now, it's time to explore his new passion for trading while running his business.

Personalized Notifications For More Freedom

We are using a powerful and smart algorithm that provides you with the freedom to work smarter and not harder.

Your personalized Trading Assistant will send you a snapshot of your Forex chart when your strategy criteria are met. You'll get the alerts on your mobile phone through an app (at the moment we partnered with Telegram), allowing you to never miss a single trade!

We can also code your trading us and team up with our expert team of coders today!

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What Our Customers Have to Say

  • Bryan Miller
    Bryan Miller - The trading assistant is simply amazing and convenient, as a full time trader, I can provide my favourite indicators and never miss a trade. The alert is sent at the perfect time with the perfect picture and I can act right away. Thank you guys !

What Our Customers Have to Say

  • William Clark
    William Clark - This trading assistant changed my Fx Trading game to another level. As a full-time employee, I used to miss many opportunities to make money since I'm not always in front of my cellphone at work. Now I receive a notification and I know its time for me to have a quick look and make the call. I'm closer to my goal than ever. Thank you to my trading assistant
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The Story Of A Traveling Forex Trader

My name is Etienne Crete. In addition to being a Forex swing trader since 2013, I have a huge passion for travel.

In January 2017, I left Montreal, Canada for an adventure across the world.

This was the very first time I'd be confronted with making a living while being on the road.

I soon found out that although trading while traveling made me free to be wherever I want whenever I want it also brought a handful of challenges.

At first, I was confused by varying timezones & when I had to check the charts... That took some time to adapt.

Then, I began missing a few trades.

It's as if I only had two choices: to explore the place I'm in or to trade.

I tried trading with my smartphone, but it ended up being a total mess - especially because of my trading style, I need a big picture view.

As a result of all that, I began accepting that I'd place less trades than while at home.

"After all, I thought, you can't trade on a boat or while exploring the city and that's okay."

Fast-forward today, this was a big LIMITING BELIEF.

My biggest problem of missing trades was solved by creating the Trading Assistant!

Trading while traveling presentation

Traveled to 18 countries in 18 months

Trading while traveling presentation

A typical trading set up when I'm traveling...

You Can Implement Tools Professional Traders Use!

  • Alerts Only At Support & Resistance Areas You Identified

  • Position Size Needed To Risk A % Of Your Account

  • Ability To Use 2 Take-Profit Levels

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Trader Satisfaction Guarantee

Along with your purchase of the Trading Assistant comes a great guarantee…

We assure we will be able to code your trading strategy for you. If not, we'll refund you right away. The setup fee is non-refundable after you've received your properly working Personal Trading Assistant

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's this product all about?

In short, the Personal Trading Assistant is a pre-built script for MT4 that you'll run on your computer. This will allow you to get detailed alerts on your phone & computer. You will get your own version (for your own trading strategy rules)!

What are the benefits of having this script?

Basically, you won't ever have to look at the charts every 1hr, 4hrs, day, etc. As soon as your trade setup prints on the chart, you'll be notified with all your trade rules and a chart screenshot for quick analysis.

Would you recommend this to a beginner?

Yes! As long as you have a trading strategy, you'll get immense value out of the Trading Assistant.

No more screen time, no more missed trades!

Can I get a refund if I am not satisfied?

Yes. We offer a moneyback guarantee for the Advanced and Legend Edition. That is, we will refund you at anytime if we cannot code the strategy for you.

For the Basic Edition, we will refund you in the first 14 days if you aren't satisfied of the Trading Assistant.

What will be my Return-On-Investment (ROI) from purchasing the Trading Assistant?

First we need to look at your time…

How much time do you spend watching the charts and waiting for your setups every day?

That is time wasted! And we want to help you get it back, so you can build a new business, progress at work, spend time with your family, or even travel the world. The possibilities are endless!

Then, ask yourself:

How many trade setups do you miss because you were busy on something else?

The short story is…you're leaving a lot of money on the table!

And that's where the Trading Assistant becomes helpful.

Where can I see the Trading Assistant documentation?