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A lot of people jump into Forex trading with a burning desire to succeed but end up frustrated by the lengthy learning process and the multiple losses.

Unfortunately, if you are starting to trade, chances are that you have been misinformed. Most techniques you are reading about on the web are confusing and won't help you in building a profitable trading business. I remember feeling like the more I read, the more confused I was. At one point I thought I wouldn't ever be able to figure out how to trade.

The truth is, if you can just follow a proven process of technical analysis to understand how the market is behaving, you will be successful.

In Power Trader, you will learn:

A Technical Analysis Process That Works

Following a series of steps to trade makes things much easier for you. This is the basis of Power Trader, a method you can rely on that has proven results.

A Set Of Checklists And Cheat Sheets

Power Trader will give you access to checklists and cheat sheets that make it much easier to understand and recall important concepts of technical analysis.

In-Depth Videos Lessons And Real Examples

Real examples make it much easier to understand and master key trading concepts. This course is filled with examples to make you a great trader.

Here's What You Get In Power Trader:

Module 1: Define Your Vision And Goals As A Trader

If you want to succeed as a Forex trader, the first thing you need is a strong empowering vision. This module guides you through the process of creating a vision that will keep you motivated and backing it with goals you'll achieve along the way.

Module 2: Introduction To The Market

This is a comprehensive explanation of the market and how it is likely to behave. This module reveals the mindset traders must adopt to trade successfully over time.

Module 3: Trading Zones & Price Action

This module dives into distinguishing support and resistance zones that will be significant when trading. It also covers various examples of significant price action.

Module 4: Technical Analysis - Using Indicators

This module covers essentials element of adding confluence to a trade such as indicators. Sub videos explain precisely when to use the main indicators.

Module 5: Managing Your Trades

This module details ways to get the most out of any trade while still keeping your risk at a minimum as a trader.

Module 6: Defining Your Trading Strategy

A comprehensive way to put all your knowledge on paper to give you clarity. It also gives example of advanced trading strategies for all types of traders.

Module 7: Executing Your Trading Strategy

Strategies and exercises to ensure that you execute your trading strategy properly while minimizing your drawdown.

Module 8: Keys To Trading Success

A few key characteristics that you must master as a successful trader.

Module 9: The Confident Trader

Confidence is the most important trait of profitable traders and this module contains a special action plan to develop confidence. 

Module 10: Advanced Techniques Of Great Traders

The module of Power Trader in which advanced techniques unknown by most traders are covered.

This Course Is For You If...

  • You have at least a small background in Forex trading
  • You know how to use a trading platform
  • You trade to achieve a better level in life
  • You have at least 7 hours per week to dedicate to trading

This Course Is Not For You If...

  • You have never heard of trading before
  • You have no interest in trading
  • You are pressured to make money
  • You are looking to get rich quick

If you are interested in trading but just starting out, read Fundamental vs. Technical Analysis and Why I Use Technical Analysis and The 3 Types Of Trades You Must Know first.


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