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The goal of this webinar is to make an impact on your life by delivering what worked for me to go from a struggling to profitable trader. All the information provided in this webinar is FREE and it has been arranged into a formula that's easy to follow!

  • Learn The 3 Steps You Must Use To Turn Yourself Into A Profitable Trader

    You'll discover what I shared in coaching to bring my students closer to making 16% return per month!

  • Get To Understand The Big Mistake Most Non-Profitable Forex Traders Are Making

    And what actions you can take to avoid that mistake.

  • Learn How To Use The 3 Components Of A Solid Trading Strategy

    This is a very simple way to build a great trading strategy that you'll be able to follow.

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About Your Host - Etienne Crete

Life is too short to spend working for someone else. I started realizing that as I was traveling around Asia and meeting both traders living an amazing lifestyle and workers stuck in factories for 10-hour days. Once I got back, I made the commitment I would not settle for less than freedom in life.

When I started to trade Forex in 2012, I had a rough journey. I sat at my computer trying to figure out everything by myself. I didn't know anything about how to use a trading platform, technical analysis, and building a trading strategy. Over time, I went from thinking about trading as a "side income" to a full-time freedom solution.

My goal is to impact as much traders as I can through the Desire To Trade Podcast and to educate those willing to learn.

WARNING: I am intentionally keeping this webinar small so that you will know exactly what to do when you leave this webinar. This webinar is packed with high quality content and will fill up fast!

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