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Why A Video And Checklist Series?

If you've been on DesireToTRADE before, you probably noticed that my main strength is structure and that I believe strongly in the importance of following a plan. I don't say this to brag. I say it because it is what turned me into a profitable trader.

If you go over the web to find trading strategies, you'll get overloaded by various information from a lot of different people. In the end, you won't have a functional trading strategy because you won't have any way to keep track of your rules. I found that having clear rules and looking at them all the time is the best way to build up the discipline you need in trading. That is why I created the videos and checklists trading strategy series. It is an attempt to simplify your life as a trader.

Here Are The Strategy You'll Be Able To Trade

Strategy #1 - High Probability Bollinger Bands Trading

A very simple strategy combining Bollinger Bands, a very reliable and common indicator, with price action signals.

Strategy #2 - Swing Price Action Trading

A strategy combining the right Price Action evidence along with support and resistance levels to create a powerful setup with high potential reward. This is mostly traded on the 4 hour or daily chart but has been tested on the 1 hour as well.

Strategy #3 - Position Price Action Trading

A strategy with a great reliability due to its higher trading time frame. It allows for a minimal amount of time spent trading and great profit numbers. It is traded on the weekly chart.

3 Video Lessons of Backtested Trading Strategies

Reading stuff gets boring. That explains why I decided to make videos in which I detail every single rule of each trading strategy. Moreover, I backtested everything.

Simple Checklists To Guide You In The Trading Process

Having rules to trade is good but having checklists when you trade could impact your profit. It makes trading a lot less stressful and ensure you don't take the trades you shouldn't take.

Live trading videos

You know...watching a video with carefully selected trade setups is good but real trading is far from similar. That's why I recorded videos where I explain the methodology you must follow in details for random trades.

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