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You Can Choose Between These 2 Payment Options:

What's Included With This Program?


You Can Choose Between These 2 Payment Options:

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How Does The Program Work?

Follow The Modules At Your Own Pace

This program consists of 9 tactical & focused modules taught by professional trader Michael Toma and Etienne Crete. Each of these include exercises and resources to help you overcome any issues an aspiring trader may face.

Interact In Our Funded Trader Mastermind group

You'll get access to monthly funded traders mastermind calls and will be able to post & get feedback anytime in our Slack group.

Take The Prop Firm Challenge

As part of your enrollment in this program, you'll receive a complimentary challenge with the prop firm of your choice (the5%ers, FTMO). You'll be mentored by us throughout the challenge until you get funded!

Program Outline: Get Funded & 50x Your Trading Capital

In this module, you will learn how this course is laid out and what steps you will need to take to successfully get funded. You'll also get to do your first self-assessment.

In this module, we look at the major prop firms & their challenges. We take a deep dive into the rules and help you determine which challenge is the best for you.

In this module, we teach you what successful and unsuccessful traders do differently in the challenges so you can avoid mistakes and increase your chances of success.

In this module, we look at the key aspect of all funded trader challenges: risk management. You'll learn precisely how to use it to your advantage.

In this module, we look at the important steps a trader needs to take before starting the funded trader challenge. You'll be guided through those step-by-step.

In this module, we will show you our top trading strategies to use for your funded trader challenge or to add to your current portfolio.

In this module, we walk you through the challenge and guide you along the way. You'll learn what & how to track your performance as well as what to do when things don't go according to plan.

In this module, you will learn how to leverage the funding received from the challenge to grow your trading business.

In this module, we take a look at what options you have as a funded trader to grow your trading business beyond the online prop firms. See if managing capital is the perfect alternative for you!

This Program Will Give You Lifetime Mentoring & Access To All The Content

You Can Choose Between These 2 Payment Options:

Here Are Some Traders We Helped To Get Funded

Most Frequently Asked Questions

If you're seeing this page, you're having a special promotion from the webinar at $997, including a series of bonuses. You're lucky!

The content in the Ultimate Prop Firm Trading program is available 24/7 from your phone, computer or tablet. Think of it as your personal trading university that's available everywhere.

All past trainings are recorded so you can watch them at any time. New content, guides, and material is frequently rolled out. You'll have access to it at any time afterward.

We act as independent coaches & mentors. Although we have no control over whether a prop firm you apply for will give you capital or not, you will continue to be monitored and coached by us through the challenge until you get funded.

We will equip you with top-notch skills that will be very attractive to investors. If you follow this program and do the exercises diligently, you'll very likely get funded by a prop firm or private investors.

The program is designed to help you get funded by any of the major online prop firms out there. The principles taught will help you in any prop firm application you do.

For the complementary Prop Firm Challenges we partnered with FTMO and The5%ers.
For FTMO the complementary challenge is the 10K challenge while for The5%ers the complementary challenge its the 24K one.
If you wish to take a larger challenge this can be arranged by paying the difference between the challenges.

You can talk with Etienne & Michael during our live mastermind calls, and you have access to the new content exclusive for members as we produce it. You can also schedule exclusive coaching calls with anyone from our coaching team for an additional fee.

Simply put, every one part of Desire To Trade still actively trade their individual accounts. The strategies are consistent and powerful and we always continue to implement new strategies that provide an edge in the market.

We also love to teach. Meeting and helping other traders to bring their game to the next level provides a satisfaction that just cannot be replicated by just trading alone.

We are truly grateful with the ability to pay it forward to individual traders seeking success in this profession.

First, we feel your pain and frustration. Most trading services are geared towards finding a mass audience.

Our business model is more as we make sure to provide each student with the support needed to succeed using multiple trading professionals.

This applies to our academy programs as well as our online programs through which we aspire to be the best in the field!

We never like to use the term ‘fail’ when pursuing anything in life. Feedback from traders who were unsuccessful during their first challenge often found it was issues other than the trader itself that played a role in the outcome. Trading off a new platform, getting familiar with the rules, and live trading anxiety in the challenge can be overwhelming first time around.

We heard you and dedicated an entire course module focused on the pre-challenge preparation. Many have told us that this education was their “I wish I had” training when they were unsuccessful during their first attempt.

We see the entire challenge as one step in a long journey. Persistence is also a great selling feature when seeking to trade for prop firms, who are seeking individuals who are willing to develop and have a determination to succeed.

You should have a familiarity with the markets you are looking to trade but you do not need trading experience to be successful.

In fact, a good portion of our educational work is deprogramming some of the bad habits of experienced traders.

The most challenging are the ones who require focus in the areas of discipline and risk management.

The ones who come forward with no premonitions and the focus on learning the right way generally are the ones who have a quicker learning curve.

We will equip you with top-notch skills that will be very attractive to investors.

If you follow this program and do the exercises diligently, you'll very likely get funded by a prop firm or private investors.

Sure! Forex markets are open 24 hours per day, 5 days per week so working during the day should not limit your ability to take a challenge.

Challenges that focus on futures markets can also trade 24/5.

One of the poor habits of many traders is overtrading. Working at your job may limit your temptation to overtrade and help you be successful!

Our goal is to mentor you inside a small group of students throughout this program. We have seen how powerful it is for aspiring full-time traders to be surrounded by other traders.

However, we have a team at your disposal to answer your questions. You're more than welcome to reach out to Michael or Etienne anytime. They'll get back to you in 24-48hrs, but often much faster through our Prop Firm Trader Slack group.

We can’t wait to support you in your funding journey!


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