Free Trading Resources

Complete Price Action Strategy Checklist – This is the checklist I use in order to trade on a daily basis. It is based on a price action and the checklist contain every single criteria I check before entering a trade. That’s the perfect tool to quick start your trading. And the best part…it’s free!

One-Page Trading Plan – The template I created to drastically simplify your trading plan on a single sheet of paper! It’s the most downloaded resource on this blog.

5 Crucial Insights About Trading Psychology That Will Make You A Better Trader – This special report contains the most important insights I got about trading psychology. Understanding those is almost guaranteed to make you a better trader. Unfortunately, a lot of traders won’t go to read this stuff, but those who do will stand out from the crowd.

5 Exclusive Interviews That Will Help You Trade Forex For A Living – If you are looking to kick-start your learning through the Desire To Trade Podcast, this is a very useful resource. I’ve selected the top 5 interviews that will have the biggest impact on your trading results. Make sure you listen to them carefully!

DesireToTRADE – Forex Trader Community – This is a group where I help traders succeed and achieve their goals by providing exclusive content every single day. It is an excellent opportunity to meet other traders and a much faster way to reach your goals. Join us now!

My Training

DesireToTRADE Academy – The DesireToTRADE Academy is my most ambitious project and the one that has led to the greatest results for Forex traders. It is not only a full trading course, but also a place where you will be able to get support and accountability.

Introduction To Forex Trading: Developing Your Own Trading Strategy – If you want to go further in Forex trading, you must understand how the market works and how you can make money from it. This eBook has been written precisely for that. It will equip you with knowledge on trading techniques, strategies, psychology, and a step-by-step guide to create your own trading strategy for maximum profit.

Resources I use

The link for the resources below are affiliate links. If you choose to buy from those links, I will get a certain amount of the sale or other benefit. You will not be charged more and may even receive a discount.

Forex Tester 2 – Forex Tester 2 is a software that allows traders to test their trading strategies. Strategies can either be backtested manually or automatically through a script. Overall, Forex Tester 2 is very similar to MetaTrader 4 and can be the perfect tool to build up confidence as a new or struggling trader.

Meta Trader 4 – The platform I use to trade as it is supported by my broker. It’s very functional although I prefer to use TradingView for my charts. You can open a demo account and start trading Forex today.

TradingView – By far my favorite charting platform because I can use it on all my devices and it only requires a web browser. The drawing features are impressive and the free version is perfect for most Forex/stock/futures traders.

Forex Factory – This is a site I open every single weekday to check upcoming news releases. News updates aren’t so much in real time, but it’s still one of those “must-consult” sites.

Books I’ve Read

The Best Forex Trading Books – I decided to keep a list of the trading and non-trading related books I read. I included only the books I benefited from so you can benefit from those yourself. The list is constantly updated.

Trading & Traveling

Uber: Whenever I want to go around, I pretty much always use Uber. In Vietnam, I can ride often for about $2 for a few kilometers. It’s just really convenient! That’s the website I use most of the time to find hotels and hostels around the globe. That’s usually where I find very good deals, but be sure to check the reviews 🙂

Trading Journal

Evernote – Evernote is an online note-taking application that is free of charge. You can take notes and even upload a picture of hand-written text that will be recognized and shown to you when you need them. Sign up for free!

Trello – The place where I currently log all my trades with a screenshot and description of the execution. I love the visual aspect of that free tool!

MyFxBook – It allows you to see all the important data about your trades. You connect it to your trading account and have access to a lot of features to track your most relevant stats. It’s free!

Moleskine Notebook – Among my trading journal resources, this is probably the most important one. I have a paper notebook on my desk while I trade to take note and track how I feel. Moleskine is a great choice!


Resources To Help You Succeed In Forex Trading