What Is Desire To TRADE All about?

You're interested in Forex trading…Perhaps you started trading already and you slowly realize that trading isn't as easy as you've seen it in The Wolf Of Wall Street or Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. Then, you start asking yourself questions like:

  • I want to get more freedom in life…can I trade and get the lifestyle I want?
  • How is it possible that I'm losing money while I see millionaire traders out there?
  • Do I need to know a secret to trade Forex?
  • Have I got scammed by starting to trade?
  • What am I missing?

And most importantly…

  • How can I become a Forex trader such that I have more freedom, I can travel, I can spend more time with people that matter to me, and have a life worth living?

Who ever you are, if you have a passion for trading and want to improve your life through it, then you're at the right place!

Who Is Etienne Crete?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA My name is Etienne Crete, and I love the idea of trading Forex for a living but I was fed up with the “fake” millionaire traders and the “get-rich-quick-trading guys”. So I created a place where aspiring Forex traders can learn a solid process that allows them to travel the world while trading for others.

One day, I was working at a coffee shop and I met a Forex trader from Toronto (Canada). That guy changed my life. I was listening to him and felt like I just wanted to start trading.

A couple of days after, in 2013, I opened my first Forex trading demo account. I then went on with a live account a few weeks later. Even though I had no clue what I was doing, I decided to start learning as much as I could.

I looked at complicated systems with various indicators…really a lot of stuff. I then came across simpler ways of trading (like the ones I use today) made of price action.

However, even though I had a fairly good way to trade at that time, I couldn't make a consistent amount of money. This is where I realized that trading was much more than looking for the right setup. Trading requires a plan and a structure, the part that took me the most time developing.

Fortunately, I came across a few traders that helped me see the psychological aspect of trading. I met Alwin Ng, a trader and coach living in Kuala Lumpur, who showed me how to get more clarity and make a plan. Back in Montreal, I came across two great coaches which I met in person and became friends with. They really pushed me to succeed.


Here I am now, to bring you more of what you want out of life through trading. I'm on a mission to help you trade for others while traveling the world like I did.

Anyone can trade…the only requirement is being ready to invest the time and effort required and to have a passion for trading.

Let me know your story!

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What You'll Find Here

I create a lot of resources to maximize your learning. Here are the 4 main categories to help you:

1 – The Blog

The blog has been launched in September 2015 but I started working on it a while before. I publish articles about every 2 weeks. Those are written to give you simple, yet powerful tips you can apply to see results in your trading.

I won't share trade setups because I don't believe in those.

The topics covered range from trading psychology all the way to market analysis. That's made just for you!

2 – The Desire To Trade Podcast


The Desire To Trade Podcast is something I love putting out there for traders. Each week, I release a new interview with a highly successful trader or someone who will help you become a better trader.

The goal of the podcast is to provide you with action steps but also to inspire.

I wish I had that kind of inspiration when I started trading. The advice shared on the podcast is much better than what a lot of trading coaches charge thousands (????) for.

You get to listen to amazing stories & get the lessons from highly successful individuals on-the-go!

Interested? Just check out the past episodes!

3 – Daily Vlogs

My Forex Trading Story (documentary of the travel part!)

In January 2017, I began my journey of trading and traveling. Travel is far from being new to me, but trading Forex at the same time felt like a challenge.

As I travel, I do my best to everything I come across – the challenges, victories, and all in-between. I've had the chance to meet amazing people so far, and I even recorded a few videos with fellow traders in various countries.

If you want to follow my journey through my daily vlogs, check out my YouTube channel. Feel free to let me know your comments at any time!

Can't trade Forex in Indonesia - Desire To TRADE
My blog shows the reality of trading Forex while traveling…like when I found out I couldn't trade in Indonesia 🙁

Become a traveling trader - Forex trading in Shanghai - Desire To TRADE
This was the first day of my 2nd trip (Montreal -> Shanghai)

Becoming Swing Trader - Bangkok Forex Trading Vlog - Desire To TRADE
Hanging out with 2 swing traders on my last day in Bangkok

4 – The Desire To TRADE Academy

Desire To Trade Academy

I'm passionate about helping other traders reach their goals. I've had the chance to trade for others while traveling the world and I want to make this possible for more people. I just love it and I believe it's my mission. I want to bring value.

After taking a few online courses on Forex trading, I realized that courses could only get me so far. Having a community of like-minded people, however, is really powerful.

It allows you to get personalized support so that you can ensure to consistently move forward. It is almost a guarantee of success!

The Desire To TRADE Academy contains a bunch of courses I have developed myself (i.e. the strategies & techniques I use every day). But, I'm also a big believer in the idea that a team creates more results than a single person, hence why I have created complete programs in collaboration with other traders & coaches.

Here's how you too can be part of the Desire To Trade Academy!

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