085: Trading Small Accounts And Analyzing The Market Like A Pro – Nenad Kerkez (Tarantula)

Nenad Kerkez: Trading Small Accounts And Analyzing The Market Like A Pro

In episode 85 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, I interview Nenad Kerkez, is a Senior Technical Analyst and Lecturer at Admiral Markets, trader, author, and blogger.  First started in trading when he was 30 years old. He decided to engage much deeper into financial markets and stumble to Forex, the market he is now trading today.

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More about Nenad Kerkez

Now, he is managing and running a thread on ForexFactory (Spider's Den) under the name of Tarantula (T@rantula). a Forex daily chart trader. He has an experience in Finance, Economics, Investments, Equities and the main contributor to winning the Best Educator award of 2016 at the UK Forex awards.

Moreover, he is also the Creator of CAMMACD Professional Price Action method. He's been in the top 10minfluential traders on the FF out on 400.000 traders total and his thread gain more than 4.200.000 visits since the inception. 

Throughout this interview, Nenad shows his expertise and love for financial markets as well as the methods he uses for analyzing and constantly following the markets as a trader.

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In This Episode, You'll Learn…

  • How Nenad's trading career started and how were his first few months as a trader
  • Why we can't beat the markets
  • How to trade with Demo accounts
  • Switching accounts: how Nenad decided to go from a Demo to Live account
  • How to treat smaller and bigger accounts to avoid loss
  • Leverage: one of biggest advantages of Forex Trading
  • Stuff to consider before trading
  • ROI: Money in the bank versus money in Forex Trading
  • The beginners' strategy and trading plan
  • What is Holy Grail of Forex Trading is all about
  • Tips on how to make a good trader
  • How Nenad manages risks
  • Advice for all traders
  • And much more!

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085: Trading Small Accounts And Analyzing The Market Like A Pro – Nenad Kerkez (Tarantula)