088: Long-Term Trend Trading For Your Ideal Lifestyle (@ZaheerAnwari)

088- Long-Term Trend Trading For Your Ideal Lifestyle - Zaheer Anwari

In episode 88 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, I interview Zaheer Anwari, a Forex trader specialized into Forex long-term trend trading based in the UK.

Zaheer is of the opinion that traders can exponentially increase their trading returns by trading multiple markets. The goal is to focus on where the movements are happening (where there's a high volatility).

More about Zaheer Anwari

Zaheer Anwari is a full-time trader. Using technical analysis, he has mastered how to repeatedly take advantage of long -term trends in minutes a day using the daily and weekly time frame. His journey from novice to full-time trader is attributed to the time spent and knowledge gained from his.

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In This Episode, You’ll Learn…

  • How Zaheer looks at multiple markets to trade
  • What the day of a Forex long-term trend trader looks like
  • Zaheer Anwari's Forex long-term trend trading strategy
  • Things you can do when the market isn't moving much
  • What are the advantages of holding trades for a longer period
  • Where people get it wrong when it comes to Forex long-term trend trading
  • How to manage a trading watchlist
  • What a weekend analysis looks like for a Forex trader
  • What are some of the best tools to analyze how markets perform
  • How to get more of the right friends that will encourage you to succeed
  • And much more!

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088: Long-Term Trend Trading For Your Ideal Lifestyle (@ZaheerAnwari)