092: Making Money Trading With A Strong Portfolio (@InvestDiva)

092- Making Money Trading With A Strong Portfolio - Kiana Danial

In episode 92 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, I interview Kiana Danial a trader making money trading with a special emphasis on building her portfolio over time. She is helping people grow their wealth by investing.

Here it's not a matter of getting rich quickly. Instead, Kiana looks at the market from a long-term perspective and that's how she saw most of her success in trading. What's most interesting about Kiana's trading style, however, is that she is still very involved in the market. She usually knows what's going on and what it's best to look at.

Kiana confirms the idea that successful trading isn't a full-size-fits-all activity. You cannot expect to succeed by copying other people. As a matter of fact, those who see the most success in trading understand who they are.

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Making Money Trading With A Strong Portfolio

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In This Episode, You’ll Learn…

  • How she started to trade from Japan and made her first $10,000 in one trade

  • How Kiana sees trading as part of her financial plan
  • How she realized day trading wasn’t for her (she wasn't making money trading)

  • Why the odds are against you in day trading

  • How to find out your risk tolerance
  • Defining the type of portfolio you own

  • Whether to consider fundamentals vs. technicals in various markets

  • How to evaluate your trading portfolio & do market reviews

  • What happens when you add to your positions (i.e. scaling in)
  • Taking partial profits & what it does to your trading account.

  • Why you can't copy people and expect to succeed in trading

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092: Making Money Trading With A Strong Portfolio (@InvestDiva)