098: Starting To Trade Professionally With $300,000 (@mmelissinos)

Starting To Trade Professionally With $300,000 – Show Notes

In episode 98 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, I interview Michael Melissinos, a trader who started to trade professionally with $300,000 and now trades for over 30 investors from around the world.

Michael accepted to come on the podcast to share with us how he got started trading professionally at a fairly early age as well as how he progressed and convinced more investors to invest in his trading activities.

He is of the opinion that traders are better to start early. Michael ensured that he was ready to trade for other people by doing a lot of work up-front. That's the key for anyone who's looking to trade professionally.

This is a must-listen interview if you are looking to trade professionally and manage money for other people!

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“Know yourself before you start to trade.” – Michael Melissinos

In This Episode, You’ll Learn…

  • How Michael got his first $300,000 to trade
  • Why Michael didn't want to trade for an institution
  • How to build proper trading system that you trust
  • What a typical day looks like in the life of a long-term trader
  • How Michael handles the tough times (when he doesn't produce money for his investors)
  • How to present your trading to investors so they invest more easily
  • What Michael is doing to improve his trading portfolio
  • And much more!

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098: Starting To Trade Professionally With $300,000 (@mmelissinos)