104: Freedom Lifestyle Forex Trading Across Multiple Time-Frames (@FxForexTrade)

104 - Freedom Lifestyle Forex Trading Across Multiple Time-Frames - Andrew Mitchem

Freedom Lifestyle Forex Trading – Show Notes

In episode 104 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, I re-interview Andrew Mitchem, a Forex trader & coach who has successfully created a “freedom lifestyle” through Forex trading.

Listen to my first interview with Andrew!

What's nice about Andrew's style is how he combines multiple time frames and manages to spend little time trading on a daily basis.

I personally learned a lot from Andrew and he was the very first person who agreed to be interviewed on my podcast. He personally taught me The Money Management Principle Most Traders Don't Know About.

The Forex trading freedom lifestyle Andrew Mitchem developed for himself is very inspiring and I could personally still learn new things from that interview – in which we dive deep on trading strategies & the methods used in the Forex market.

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In This Interview, You'll Learn…

  • The technical trading tools Andrew uses on a daily basis
  • How to enter continuation trades for a better result
  • Why & how trading uncommon time-frames (6hr, 8hr, etc.)
  • How Andrew's trading style changes when traveling
  • How to use round numbers and why they work on all currency pairs
  • Some advanced trading strategies for taking profits
  • What Andrew does uniquely in trading
  • Some of the worst trading mistakes
  • What Andrew thinks is necessary to win a trading competition
  • What is an acceptable draw-down
  • And much more!

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104: Freedom Lifestyle Forex Trading Across Multiple Time-Frames (@FxForexTrade)