115: $2,000 Days As A Stocks Day Trader After Getting Fired (@BearBullTraders)

115- $2,000 Days As A Stocks Day Trader After Getting Fired - Andrew Aziz

$2,000 Days As A Stocks Day Trader After Getting Fired – Show Notes

In episode 115 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, I interview Andrew Aziz, a stocks day trader based in Vancouver, Canada.

Andrew is the author of the amazing book How To Day Trade For A Living.

This is probably one of my favorite story shared on the podcast so far. After all, Andrew got very serious about day trading after getting fired from his job as a research scientist.

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Covered In This Episode…

“Every day I wake up at 4:30 a.m. but it doesn't bother me. It's my passion.”- Andrew Aziz

  • Andrew Aziz's favorite quote about passion [2:10]
  • The daily routine of a stocks day trader on the West Coast [3:30]
  • How Andrew reacted to receiving an employment termination letter [6:30]
  • The learning process Andrew went through [8:44]
  • The #1 thing Andrew had to learn to succeed in day trading [10:26]
  • The reason why Andrew jumped into day trading [12:25]
  • The step-by-step guide for those wanting to day trade [14:45]
  • Andrew's top trading strategy: he guides us through a recent trade [17:55]
  • How Andrew manages to day trade only 1hr/day [20:35]
  • How traders can use video journals for their trading [22:55]
  • Daily habits most traders tend to overlook [25:00]
  • What Andrew does when he doesn't feel in the right state to trade [28:30]
  • Powerful advice applicable to any trader [29:42]
  • Listener's question: the best timeframe for day trading [30:20]
  • What your job is as a stocks day trader & common mistakes [32:05]

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115: $2,000 Days As A Stocks Day Trader After Getting Fired (@BearBullTraders)