117: Forex Reversal Trader Habits, Mindset And Strategies (@ForexStopHunter)

117- Forex Reversal Trader Habits, Mindset & Strategies - Dale Pinkert

Forex Reversal Trader Habits, Mindset & Strategies – Show Notes

In episode 117 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, I interview Dale Pinkert, a Forex trader & host/mediator at Forex Analytix Community Experience (F.A.C.E.). He came on the podcast to share his story as a Forex reversal trader.

We jump into habits, mindset, and strategies that are essential to succeed in the Forex market.

Topics Covered In This Episode

  • The power of “social trading” and how you can use it to trade better [5:45]
  • A powerful way to trade (knowing how to take the losses) [8:10]
  • A piece of advice on not following too many instruments [11:20]
  • How Dale Pinkert started to trade [11:40]
  • How Dale learned trading [13:40]
  • Wisdom on partial profits & stop losses [16:45]
  • How Dale uses the RSI to trade [19:45]
  • How to incorporate multiple time frames into your trading [22:45]
  • How Dale develop his trading strategy (who taught him) [23:50]
  • Some trading strategy ideas [26:00]
  • How Dale plans his trades on the weekend [30:00]
  • Morning routine (including waking up at 3:30am) [31:05]
  • One thing Dale Pinkert still struggles with & how he solves it [32:30]
  • How Dale confirmed his edge in the market (without backtesting) [37:00]
  • Can you trade for a living with $10k? [40:20]
  • What Dale thinks of “educators that don't trade” [41:40]
  • The #1 tactic to remain consistent over a long period of time [45:00]

More About Dale Pinkert

Dale began his career in operations on the CME floor for Dean Witter when they traded currency futures on chalkboards. He became a licensed Series 3 broker in 1976 and went on to own and operate Pinkert Commodities GIB. He became a Member of the CME (IOM) Division for a stint and his forecasts have been aired on many Financial media including CNBC.

Dale has Coached/Mentored retail and prop traders and has gained a solid reputation for his work on the other side of the mic having interviewed over 700 of the best of the best in Trading.

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117: Forex Reversal Trader Habits, Mindset And Strategies (@ForexStopHunter)