121: The Life Of A Full-Time Forex Swing Trader (@Trader_Hardi)

life of a Forex swing trader - Hardianto Sunoto

The Life Of A Full-Time Forex Swing Trader – Show Notes

In episode 121 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, I interview Hardianto Sunoto, a Forex trader from Jakarta (Indonesia). He came on the podcast to share about his life as a full-time Forex swing trader, his style of trading, and the techniques he uses to manage your trades successfully.

Topics Covered In This Episode

  • What’s going on in Hardianto’s life [1:46]
  • How Hardianto got involved in trading [2:05]
  • Using Elliott Waves to swing trade Forex & the learning process [3:36]
  • What Hardianto does on daily basis [5:40]
  • What separates Hardianto Sunoto from other swing traders [7:15]
  • How Hardianto validated his trading methodology [8:20]
  • Hardianto Sunoto’s thoughts on jumping to live trading right away [9:22]
  • Top habits to apply consistently as a Forex trader [10:46]
  • The power of looking at the charts frequently [12:12]
  • How to get back on track when trading goes bad [13:04]
  • Why Hardianto started a Forex copier service [14:35]
  • The type returns Hardianto gets in trading & having proper expectations [17:15]
  • What you need to start a Forex trade copier service [19:12]
  • How to manage your trades successfully (2 techniques) [20:15]

More About Hardianto Sunoto

Hardi is based in Indonesia and is happily married with 2 beautiful children. He graduated with a bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering. He started trading the stock market in 2009 after subprime mortgage crisis.

In 2011, he was introduced to the forex market and immediately fell in love with it. He is currently a full-time trader and has been trading profitably for the last 5 years. His analysis of the market is technical, with Elliott Wave Theory, Fibonacci, and Classical Chart Patterns as his favorite tools.

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121: The Life Of A Full-Time Forex Swing Trader (@Trader_Hardi)