124: Advanced Patterns, Forex Price Action & More! (@AkilStokesRTM)

Akil Stokes Advanced Patterns, Forex Price Action & More! (1)

Advanced Patterns, Forex Price Action & More! – Show Notes

In episode 124 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, I re-interview full-time Forex trader Akil Stokes. We discuss your top questions on advanced patterns, trading price action, as well as how to go from struggling to highly successful as a Forex trader.

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Topics Covered In This Episode

  • Akil Stokes introduces himself [2:00]
  • Akil's trading style and the transition he went through [3:14]
  • What are advanced patterns and how to use them [4:22]
  • The top advanced patterns traders should focus on [6:40]
  • Why Akil Stokes transitioned from trading patterns to trading price action [8:41]
  • How did Akil come up with his price action strategies [12:05]
  • How to create strategies that work on multiple pairs [14:38]
  • How to get organized and keep track of your trading strategies [17:00]
  • How to deal with the noise in the Forex market [18:50]
  • How to create a highly specific trading plan for success [21:10]
  • How to become good at identifying zones & reading price action [23:50]
  • How Akil Stokes spend his time to become a better Forex trader [26:20]
  • A little insight on TierOneTrading [28:23]
  • What Akil Stokes tells people who think indicators are bulls*** [29:50]
  • What stop loss you should use for best results [33:10]
  • Using a mental stop vs. hard stop [34:30]
  • Akil Stokes shares his thoughts on Bitcoin and trading it [36:40]
  • Akil's thoughts on trading with expert advisors (EAs) [38:31]
  • What we recommend people doing to improve their trading during the Holidays [40:44]
  • A powerful unexpected piece of advice from Akil [42:20]

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124: Advanced Patterns, Forex Price Action & More! (@AkilStokesRTM)