125: Naked Forex & Swing Trading Like A Pro (@WalterPeters)

125_ Naked Forex & Swing Trading Like A Pro - Walter Peters

Walter Peters on Naked Forex & Swing Trading – Show Notes

In episode 125 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, I interview a guest I had been waiting a long time to talk to…

Walter Peters is a full-time Forex trader, author, podcast host, and more. He has inspired & helped me through his book Naked Forex: High Probability Techniques For Trading Without Indicators (Amazon link), which I read some time ago.

What's great about Walter is that he isn't the type of trader who wants to trade all day. He developed a high time-frame style of trading that gives him more freedom. He can then go to surf and enjoy life!

Over the past few years, Walter's focus has shifted from trading systems (liked the ones shared in his book) to trading psychology & money management, which we touch on during the interview.

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Topics Covered In This Episode

  • How Walter started to trade after getting his dream job [3:38]
  • What Walter had to do to become a profitable trader [7:57]
  • Walter Peters’ advice on those wanting to leave their jobs [11:40]
  • How to use scalping to your advantage (hint: don’t trade all day) [14:07]
  • How Walter Peters changed his trading style after writing Naked Forex [15:34]
  • What made Walter Peters shift from a focus on systems to psychology [16:15]
  • How to turn your trading into a game (POWERFUL!) [19:12]
  • The biggest mistakes aspiring Naked Forex traders make [21:50]
  • How to see what the majority of traders are doing in the market [24:10]
  • How to deal with swing trading drawdowns (more markets vs. more strategies) [28:10]
  • Walter Peters to trading Forex while traveling [31:26]
  • How often Walter checks his charts & why [34:15]
  • A lesson Walter Peters wanted to pass on to you [38:30]

Resources Mentioned In The Interview

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125: Naked Forex & Swing Trading Like A Pro (@WalterPeters)