133: Algorithmic Trading Strategies And Moving To Automation (@MattDeLong90)

Algorithmic Trading Strategies (Moving To Automation) - Matt DeLong

Algorithmic Trading Strategies (Moving To Automation)

In episode 133 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, I interview Matt DeLong, an algorithmic trader & business owner to discuss the process of moving to automation. While still being in the process of creating algorithmic trading strategies, Matt could answer a lot of questions on how he works to build his future hedge fund.

Over time, Matt went from being a manual day trader to making returns in the market through the use of algorithmic trading strategies. Although it seems a big transition, Matt is the proof that it's better to focus on what we know (i.e. what we do best).

While I find interest in the topic of algorithmic trading, I find a lot of value in speaking with people who are in-the-action and executing on their ideas. That's primarily why I wanted to bring Matt on the show!

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Topics Covered In This Episode

  • How Matt was trading prior to building algorithmic trading strategies [2:38]
  • When Matt decided to go from manual to automated trading [6:00]
  • The steps before starting to trade live with algorithms [8:02]
  • How to avoid curve-fitting the strategy to past data [11:40]
  • What to look for in a trading strategy programmer [13:27]
  • How to use risk in your favor [16:53]
  • The plan with Matt's hedge fund business [20:40]
  • How to use things like S/R areas in algorithmic trading [24:23]
  • How to handle major events in the market [26:57]
  • What Matt does if a strategy hits the max drawdown [28:57]
  • How Matt plans to find investors for his fund [30:14]
  • The required equipment as an algorithmic trader [32:30]
  • How often Matt looks at his past trades [37:00]
  • Essential risk management rules [38:10]

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133: Algorithmic Trading Strategies And Moving To Automation (@MattDeLong90)