134: Interview With A Currency Trader Living In Paradise (@JAGfx33)

Currency Trader Interview

Currency Trader Interview (Living In Paradise)

In episode 134 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, I am sitting down for an in-person currency trader interview with daily chart trader Jim Brown.

Living in Da Nang, Vietnam for over 2 years now, Jim has developed a methodology using technical indicators to trade roughly 60 currency pairs on a fairly high timeframe – the daily chart.

This trading methodology allows him to reduce his screen time to less than an hour a day, and thus enjoy the beautiful beaches Vietnam has to offer.

This currency trader interview covers topics such as how to maximize your lifestyle as a trader, tips for trading the daily charts, how to trade multiple currency pairs, and more!

Topics Covered In This Episode

  • What Jim Brown is up to [2:30]
  • A day in the life of a daily chart Forex trader [3:50]
  • How Jim is able to follow 60 currency pairs [6:30]
  • How Jim decides what currency pairs to follow [7:55]
  • The process of creating custom indicators [12:40]
  • How Jim Brown tested his trading strategies [16:00]
  • What’s the cost of living in Da Nang, Vietnam as a Forex trader [22:25]
  • How Jim handles drawdowns [24:00]
  • The common mistakes people make in applying Jim’s strategies (interesting statistics) [26:30]
  • What to do after a losing day on tight stop losses [38:30]
  • Jim’s daily average screen time [32:05]
  • How Jim managed to trade with a full-time job in the past [35:15]
  • How long Jim’s daily chart trades remain open on average [39:15]
  • And much more…

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134: Interview With A Currency Trader Living In Paradise (@JAGfx33)