137: Trading Success Tactics From An Investment Manager (@jameswhelan42)

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Trading Success Tactics From An Investment Manager

In episode 137 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, I interview investment manager James Whelan. He shares some very important trading success tactics few people ever talk about.

What's great about the tactics pointed out by James is that you'll be able to apply them whether you're a retail trader or a professional one.

James currently works for VFS Group, who provides holistic and targeted professional investment advice to Private Clients.

He shared some of what his role as an investment manager involves in addition to trading.

One thing that is to take-away: relationships are big in the trading industry and can easily make the difference.

Topics Covered In This Episode

  • James Whelan introduces himself [2:00]
  • How James first got involved in trading [4:00]
  • How James Whelan started to practice trading for success [5:30]
  • What profitable traders should do and focus on [7:45]
  • The difference between trading for yourself and for an institution [10:18]
  • How big institutions protect their capital [12:00]
  • James Whelan's trading style & how he manages it [14:18]
  • How to align with what big institutions are doing [18:28]
  • How to keep a great mindset with everything that happens [24:25]
  • Best tips to trade in the right mindset [26:30]
  • And much more…

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137: Trading Success Tactics From An Investment Manager (@jameswhelan42)