138: How To Succeed At Trading For A Living (@stocktcm)

How To Succeed At Trading For A Living Video

How To Succeed At Trading For A Living

In episode 138 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, I interview full-time trader Moritz Czubatinski exploring the topic of how to succeed at trading for a living.

Moritz has been trading for quite some time. He founded Tradeciety and Edgewonk (a pretty cool trading software) together with his business partner Rolf.

Moritz has lived in Asia for 7 years and moved back to Germany to run his businesses. He has also been a day trader and is right now transitioning to swing trading and position trading.

In this podcast, Moritz talks a little bit more about his tactics and some of the uncommon ways that are used to become a profitable trader and to continue growing.

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Topics Covered In This Episode

  • What he’s doing in Europe these days
  • Living in Asia and trading or working while there
  • What helped him most to become a profitable trader and trade full-time
  • What needs to be on your to-do list if you’re a beginning trader
  • How he became profitable and the things he did
  • His review process
  • What he will tell people to do when everything seems to go wrong
  • Thinking in terms of time
  • Transitioning from day trading to swing trading
  • His best tip for people who don’t have a strategy
  • How he handles drawdown
  • What his ideal setup is
  • Trading with single or many strategies/systems
  • Using volume in stocks
  • His productivity techniques
  • Scheduling his trading time
  • His entry system and recommended timeframe for new or aspiring traders
  • Studying to become better
  • Things that he keeps doing to move forward
  • Accounts he started with
  • What people have to learn about
  • Scenario optimizer/tester in Edgewonk and other features
  • His educational background
  • Best and worst parts of the forex trader lifestyle
  • His thoughts on hedging
  • Different job fields one can take in trading

Resources Mentioned

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138: How To Succeed At Trading For A Living (@stocktcm)