140: How To Get Capital To Trade – the easy way! (@jackschwager)

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How To Get Capital To Trade (the easy way)

In episode 140 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, I interview Jack Schwager, fund manager and well-known author of Market Wizards. He has been most recently working on a platform (FundSeeder) that links traders and investors so they can get capital and that an investor can get a talented trader to manage their money. This episode is all about the process behind how to get capital to trade.

In this podcast, Jack shares a lot of good insights in this interview and shows you exactly what you need to do if you’re aspiring to trade. He’s going to show you pretty much 75% or more of everything involved and that you almost automatically end up trading for people if you do things right. We explore the topic of how to get capital for trading and the quite simple steps that you need to take to start trading.

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Topics Covered In This Episode

  • What he’s doing now and in the past, and how that transitioned to what he’s doing now
  • How he wrote his book ‘Market Wizards’ and the things he went through
  • The different steps people go through to become successful
  • The role of trading and how he sees it in his life
  • If it is normal for traders to have some negative years of return
  • How people can get back from ‘losing’ years
  • How some traders completely change strategies like Martin Schwartz
  • The acceptable maximum drawdown
  • What FundSeeder is about and how he came to start funding it
  • The proper risk-to-reward ratio measures to use
  • The Sortino ratio
  • What you need to be able to trade for investors and other people
  • How relations are a big deal
  • What type of track record you need to be able to get capital
  • How the process works once you will be able to trade for other people and linking your account to FundSeeder
  • Signing up for FundSeeder if you have a small account of less than $10,000
  • If you’re able to have multiple accounts to your name
  • Day trade or swing trade and how it doesn’t make any difference
  • Trading accounts from a Forex trader and stock trader
  • The Accelerator Program on FundSeeder
  • When you’ll know when a chart is broken

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140: How To Get Capital To Trade – the easy way! (@jackschwager)