141: How To Trade Fundamental Analysis In Forex (@BrandonTurnerFX)

How To Trade Fundamental Analysis In Forex

How To Trade Fundamental Analysis In Forex

In episode 141 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, I interview full-time trader and podcaster Brandon Turner on how to trade fundamental analysis in Forex.

From his desk in Toronto, he was able to offer his knowledge on trading fundamentals. Brandon is primarily a fundamental trader who looks at Forex and he went through all the steps, all the things that have to be looked at before starting a Forex trade.

In this podcast, Brandon talks about what to look for in regards to market sentiment as well as how you can incorporate fundamental analysis in Forex in order to become a better trader.

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Topics Covered In This Episode

  • Who he is, what he’s doing, and a little bit about his trading
  • The way Brandon taught himself how to trade fundamental analysis in Forex
  • His trading style and what he’s looking for in the market
  • How he responds to fundamentals news and sentiment seen on the chart to trade better
  • What and how people react to fundamental events
  • What his daily routine looks like to be able to get that sentiment or picture of the market
  • How Brandon interprets charts and the resources he uses
  • Where you can find the main areas the Central Bank is focusing on
  • How often he is right on what he thinks is going to happen with the trades
  • How he places stop-loss and risk management
  • Sentiments & fundamental tools that he uses apart from the news
  • TV channels he looks at
  • How news releases affect his trade
  • His advice for traders

Resources Mentioned

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141: How To Trade Fundamental Analysis In Forex (@BrandonTurnerFX)