157: “Every Trader Has An Unfair Advantage!” (@EminiMind)

Tim racette

Every Trader Has An Unfair Advantage!

In episode 157 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, I interview Tim Racette, a successful day and swing trader behind the blog EminiMind. Tim is also on a different podcast which I used to listen to before starting my podcast.

He shares his story as a successful trader and highlights several important lessons about success in the field of full-time trading. We talk about goals, challenges, going to full-time trading when you have a full-time job, how to combine the two and a lot, lot, lot more.

Watch the video interview here.

Topics Covered In This Episode

  • What Tim Racette does, who he is, and a bit of background about him
  • Why and how Tim Racette started trading
  • Tim Racette’s mentors
  • Strategies that Tim Racette used in the trading pits
  • How Tim Racette evolved to trading on his own even with an unfair advantage
  • Tim Racette’s trading style and being comfortable with the idea of being different
  • Things Tim Racette had to do to go full-time trading for himself
  • If day trading was a necessity to trade full-time
  • Things that Tim Racette sees in people that they get wrong
  • The feeling of “going too fast” in the process of trading full-time and what to do about it
  • How traders should set goals at the beginning of the year
  • Starting with something basic and then tweaking it
  • Personalities outside trading that can help you become a better trader
  • Failing in business but what you should do after and keep trying again
  • Creating multiple streams of income as a trader
  • The schedule or regimen Tim Racette follows
  • Things or behaviors that people need to work on and adapt to become great traders
  • Goals Tim Racette has for the future
  • Doing back-testing and forward-testing for his ideas
  • One piece of advice or one action step people should take to become better traders

Resources Mentioned

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157: “Every Trader Has An Unfair Advantage!” (@EminiMind)