162: High-Performance Trading & Making It Full-Time – Louise Bedford

High Performance Trading & Making It Full-Time ft. Louise Bedford

High-Performance Trading & Making It Full-Time

In episode 162 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, I talk with best-selling author and trading mentor Louise Bedford about high-performance trading & trading full-time. After a long waiting time to interview her, she finally was able to come on the podcast.

I really love the topic we discuss in this interview; things like candlesticks, high-performance trading, how to go from part-time to full-time, and how she lived that herself. Listen to her story as it’s quite interesting and she went through a lot of ups and downs which you’ll hear about more in this episode.

Watch the video interview here!

Topics Covered In This Episode

  • Who Louise Bedford is and what she does
  • The reason for why bad trades happen according to Louise Bedford
  • The mindset shifts and habits Louise Bedford had to implement
  • How “clarity” is so important
  • What Louise Bedford had to learn about candlesticks
  • What should new traders look at in candlestick charts
  • Building a strategy around candlesticks
  • How people can test to see that they are right and they can make money with candlesticks
  • How high-performance trading works
  • Things people should work on first when they start to trade live in high-performance trading
  • Using hypnosis and guided meditation for trading
  • Results people can expect from Louise Bedford’s mentorship program
  • How each plan is unique and individual for every trader
  • One thing people would have to apply this week to become better traders

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162: High-Performance Trading & Making It Full-Time – Louise Bedford