168: From College To Successful Forex Trading (@DayTradeSignals)

From College To Successful Forex Trading

In episode 168 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, I bring back Jason Sen from Day Trade Ideas to hear his story from college to successful Forex trading.

We discuss how Jason went from College to working for banks, and then to trading Forex full-time. Throughout that process, Jason worked in institutions and was able to set up a highly-recognized technical analysis business among big financial institutions.

In this interview, we discuss Jason's Forex trader story and more!

Watch the video interview here!

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Topics Covered In This Episode

  • How Jason Sen transitioned from college to full-time Forex Trading
  • What made Jason Sen decide to do trading
  • How Jason Sen did trading and creating reports and at the same time make money from it
  • Why Jason Sen thinks any trader with experience who has a track record of making good calls could do his trading style
  • The achievement of a certain level of income or a threshold that Jason thinks is good to teach people or sell something
  • Why figuring out doing what you love and doing it is much better
  • How Jason finds the balance between telling people what to trade but letting them trade to what they know
  • How a bank “trades” and the difference as opposed to being a retail trader
  • What should people do if they’re trading for somebody; and what a trader that wants to trade for somebody else also do
  • The timeframe for building your track record in trading
  • How people should learn to really trade for a living and be able to for someone else
  • The advantages of living abroad as a trader
  • What the skills that traders should develop are
  • How trading for someone else instills more discipline in a trader
  • The trading questions Jason gets a lot by email about technical analysis
  • Why you're going to have some drawdowns along the way
  • How Jason finds out if things are changing
  • Why having a routine is a good idea
  • Jason’s habits or discipline that helps him in trading
  • Jason’s advice or lesson that he passes on to people that they need to have an understanding of
  • The one thing people have to apply to become better traders

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168: From College To Successful Forex Trading (@DayTradeSignals)