170: Full-Time Day Trader Secrets and Tricks (@BearBullTraders)

Full-Time Day Trader - SECRETS and TRICKS ft. Andrew Aziz

Full-Time Day Trader Secrets and Tricks

In episode 170 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, I bring another past guest of the podcast who has impacted me that made a big difference in my trading, and this time I have a chat once again with full-time trader Andrew Aziz. Andrew is a day trader based in Vancouver, Canada. He’s been trading full-time for a couple of years now. He knows what it takes to perform at your best and to keep improving yourself on a daily basis.

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Topics Covered In This Episode

  • Who Andrew Aziz is and his background 1:30
  • What people should do if they want to become profitable traders 3:24
  • Why waking up early to trade is not that bad 4:54
  • How Andrew found his purpose in full-time day trading 6:04
  • What the next steps Andrew did were after having the feeling of having to make it work 7:58
  • Having coaches/mentors to become a good trader 9:34
  • Getting support from family and friends 11:25
  • How Andrew tried swing trading and found out it wasn’t for him 13:47
  • Selecting the criteria for day trading 14:52
  • Andrew’s structure for trading, when he starts and stops trading during the day 15:38
  • Andrew’s maximum loss percentage that he stops trading during the day 17:59
  • The tools for profit targets and stop-loss Andrew uses 19:49
  • What traders should know and apply in their trading 21:31
  • How Andrew manages his money 23:54
  • What it takes from being a break-even trader to profitable trader 24:55
  • What Andrew does when he’s trading 27:05
  • Going back and looking at your stats in trading 28:21
  • The markets Andrew trades in and the reason for it 32:03

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170: Full-Time Day Trader Secrets and Tricks (@BearBullTraders)