172: Neuroscience Tips For Fast Forex Trading Success (@2ndskiesforex)

Neuroscience Tips For Fast Forex Trading Success ft. Chris Capre

Neuroscience Tips For Fast Forex Trading Success

In episode 172 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, I am sitting down with pro trader Chris Capre and Ken Medanic, an expert in neuroscience to discuss some neuroscience trading secrets and help you see success faster in Forex trading.

In this podcast, we talk about some mind-blowing stuff on neuroscience and hedge funds, trading for other people, and a new breakthrough in neuroscience that could help you become a better trader.

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Topics Covered In This Episode

  • Who Chris Capre, what he does, and where he is from 0:44
  • Why you cannot focus only on strategies, and why you need more in order to succeed 8:26
  • What Chris did before trading for other people 14:36
  • Learning things with the right traders and taking the right courses 16:57
  • How to deal with long periods of no trading 22:30
  • What the steps in changing strategies in different markets are 29:08
  • Who Ken is and his background in trading 32:24
  • Using the Neuro Trader program and how it affects success rate 38:58
  • Why it’s good to have a coach and not get rid of him/her 43:04
  • What signals Chris and Ken look for to determine if someone is not in his peak performance 44:32
  • Why you should protect your psychological and financial capital at the same time 53:11
  • What the Neuro Trader Program is about 59:54
  • Getting quantified feedback data from the program 63:25
  • What the cost and requirements when you join the Neuro Trader Program are 71:11
  • Meeting the “1% average” for the total six-month period requirement 79:50
  • Why money is the not the problem, but it’s your commitment 82:11
  • Why investing in yourself is the best investment you can always make 84:43

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172: Neuroscience Tips For Fast Forex Trading Success (@2ndskiesforex)