173: Full-Time Quantitative Trader Shares His Secrets (@bullmarketsco)

QUANTITATIVE TRADER Shares His Secrets ft. Troy Bombardia

Full-Time Quantitative Trader Shares His Secrets

In episode 173 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, I interview quantitative trader Troy Bombardia from Sydney, Australia. He is a quantitative trader whom I respect because I learned a lot from him.

Throughout the episode, we discuss how to go from manual trading to trading systems. Troy explains his research process and what he does to come up with new trading systems.

One key phrase to keep in mind is “thinking with a systems mentality”. You'll discover how that works in this interview!

Watch the video interview here! 

Topics Covered In This Episode

  • Who Troy Bombardia is and his background 0:59
  • How Troy came up with the idea to build systems 6:35
  • How to develop a system 8:28
  • How to make sure not to overoptimize the parameters in your trading model or system 9:53
  • What the fundamentals for Forex are 13:20
  • Where people should begin in building a system and the pitfalls that they could get into 19:11
  • Using Excel and why it’s good enough as a start 22:01
  • How to make your “moving average” better 25:19
  • What you need to do to become more confident in your system 27:44
  • His opinion on developing a system for Bitcoin 31:32
  • How good traders are able to read data on any chart at any given time 34:34
  • How Troy decides which indicators to check 38:13
  • Troy’s advice for people on setting their mindset and mentality 40:56

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173: Full-Time Quantitative Trader Shares His Secrets (@bullmarketsco)