179: Plan Your Trading Success In 2019 – Jerremy Newsome

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Plan Your Trading Success In 2019 ft. Jerremy Newsome

Plan Your Trading Success In 2019

In episode 179 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, I sit down with stocks & futures trader Jerremy Newsome from Real Life Trading to discuss how to plan for major trading success in this 2019.

Watch the video interview here.


Topics Covered In This EpisodeWho is Jerremy Newsome, what he does and his trading journey  What is the first step someone who does is struggling to make a plan

  • How Jerremy Newsome does his goal planning
  • Jerremy Newsome's recommended tool to get things done
  • Jerremy Newsome's recommendations on how a trader can achieve the goal of becoming a profitable trader by the end of 2019
  • Is there a point in which a strategy can be further optimized?
  • How can someone who is starting out follow a proven path?
  • How to handle over fitting trading rules in changing markets?
  • How to create/save up your goal amount in 2019
  • Is it possible for retail traders to make money trading options?
  • Does a trader need to stick to one position size or can him/her change it over time?
  • Focus on one trading system and then add more
  • How to approach mastering your trading mindset in 2019
  • How to improve and develop your relationship with money
  • How to recover from trading Draw Downs/ Losing Streaks
  • How to manage money withdrawals once you are successful
  • Doing anything high performance for a living is very hard
  • Jerremy Newsome's Real Life Trading FREE trading room week info

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179: Plan Your Trading Success In 2019 – Jerremy Newsome