188: Technical Analysis Process and Managing Money (@DayTradeSignals)

Technical Analysis Process and Managing Money – Show Notes

In episode 188 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, I sit down in Phuket, Thailand with full-time trader Jason Sen. We discuss his technical analysis process as well as his experience managing money for other people.

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Topics Covered In This Episode

  • Who is Jason Sen and what he does? [00:45]
  • What is the benefit for a trader to have a daily market report? [03:22]
  • What is Jason's Sen technical analysis process in the markets [04:45]
  • How Jason adapts his indicators based on market conditions [06:44]
  • How Jason is able to trade the 4H, Daily and Weekly charts with 30 pip SL [07:34]
  • What Jason recommends to learn to trade [9:42]
  • That time Jason thought of giving up trading [11:30]
  • How Jason manages trading and his real estate business [13:43]
  • How Jason started trading other people's money [15:22]
  • How Jason structured the fees trading for others [18:30]
  • What are Jason's recommendations for traders that want to manage other people's money [19:15]
  • Jason's mistakes during his trading career [21:28]
  • How Jason does his Stop-Loss management [23:31]
  • Jason's, last minute advice for traders [25:30]
  • Where to find Jason Sen [26:35]

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188: Technical Analysis Process and Managing Money (@DayTradeSignals)