189: More Profit, Less Trades (@stocktcm)

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More Profit, Less Trades - Moritz CzubatinskiMore Profit, Fewer Trades – Show Notes

In episode 189 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, I sit down with full-time trader Moritz Czubatinski in HongKong to talk about how to get more profit with fewer trades.

Moritz has been trading for quite some time. He founded Tradeciety and Edgewonk (a pretty cool trading software) together with his business partner Rolf.

Watch the video interview here!

Topics Covered In This Episode

  • Who is Moritz and what he does [00:43]
  • What has changed in Mortiz Trading in the past year [01:31]
  • How did Moritz transition from Day Trading to Swing trading [03:09]
  • How does Moritz scale his trading now VS when he was a Day Trader [04:38]
  • When did Moritz replace his Day Trading fully with Swing Trading [05:19]
  • What whee Moritz challenges going from Day to Swing trading [06:33]
  • Considerations for people that want to start a fund [08:36]
  • Who is part of Moritz trading dream team [17:44]
  • How does Moritz organize his working day [21:26]
  • Where can you find Mortiz [22:36]

Resources Mentioned

Edgewonk promotion

DesireToTRADE Top Resources

How To Find Moritz Czubatinski?

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189: More Profit, Less Trades (@stocktcm)