192: “Full-Time Automated Trading” (@mattdelong90)

Full-Time Automated Trading

In episode 192 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, I interview Matt DeLong, an algorithmic trader & business owner to discuss the process of running a fully automated trading business.

Over time, Matt went from being a manual day trader to making returns in the market through the use of algorithmic trading strategies.

While I find interest in the topic of algorithmic trading, I find a lot of value in speaking with people who are in-the-action and executing on their ideas. That's primarily why I wanted to bring Matt on the show!

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Topics Covered In This Episode

  • How has Matt DeLong's algo trading development progressed since last year 00:36
  • How to start to create an automated trading system 02:40
  • The second step in creating a fully automated trading portfolio 06:06
  • The process to identify characteristics your strategies need 10:00
  • When to know how many strategies is enough? 14:10
  • The importance of good data for automated trading systems 15:09
  • Why Matt uses AWS as its cloud software platform 21:36
  • Why you need to build a “trade manager” 24:29
  • Importance of brokers for automated trading 29:07
  • The importance of having proper risk positioning and risk models in your strategies 35:48
  • How Matt systems manage multiple positions from different strategies in 1 instrument 38:46
  • Where can people find Matt DeLong 48:05
  • And much much more!!

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192: “Full-Time Automated Trading” (@mattdelong90)