203: Using Trading Systems To Make A Living (@swelsh66)

Forex Trading Systems To Make A Living - Scott Welsh

Using Trading Systems To Make A Living

In episode 203 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, I speak with Scott Welsh, a systems trader.

We discuss his story as a Forex trader as well as how he was able to develop simple systems to make a living in the market.

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In This Episode, You'll Learn…

  • Who is Scott Welsh and what he does? [02:16]
  • How Scott started trading [03:23]
  • How was the Scott's transition from Stocks to Forex [05:38]
  • Scott's main mistake when learning to trade [07:04]
  • Biggeset turning point in Scott's trading career [08:31]
  • How Scott handles long periods of profits or losses [12:08]
  • Why Scott loves to trade with algos [13:13]
  • How does Scott gets his systems programed? [15:45]
  • What is Scott's trading style [16:53]
  • What are the type of things that Scott's strategies look for [19:44]
  • How does Scott monitor and review his algo strategies [22:08]
  • Scott's advice for traders going into Algo trading [23:56]
  • How Scott goes from testing to trading his Algos [25:58]
  • What type of equipment and technology Scott uses to run his Algos [28:53]
  • Scott´s recommendations for all traders [31:14]
  • How Scott manages when Algos are not working well and have to be droped [24:23]
  • What Scott needs to trust his trading systems [36:59]
  • How can you find Scott Welsh [38:15]
  • And much more!

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203: Using Trading Systems To Make A Living (@swelsh66)