204: Technical Trader Who Started A Massive Prop Firm (@LepusTrading)

Technical Trader Who Started A Massive Prop Firm - Richard Jackson Trader Interview

Technical Trader Who Started A Massive Prop Firm

In episode 203 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, I interview trader & prop firm founder Richard Jackson.

Richard started trading like most traders and he was able to develop his trading into 2 successful business. One fo them is a large alternative investments company while the other one is a massive trading prop firm that gives traders the oportunity to prove themselves and get capital allocations of up to 15 million.

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In This Episode, You'll Learn…

  • Trade what you see, not what you think [00:44]
  • How did Richard start to trade [01:25]
  • How tough was Richard's learning curve [03:13]
  • Why youtube, articles and books didn't work for Richard [04:51]
  • How important are losses for a developing trader [07:16]
  • How Richard makes sure he doesn't take trades he shouldn't take [09:04]
  • How to understand what other traders see in the markets [10:44]
  • What is Richar's trading style [11:52]
  • What Richard looks in the market for a trade (step by step process) [13:10]
  • How Richard uses indicators and technical tools for trading [16:22]
  • How should new traders go about learning to trade [18:20]
  • Richard's 2 businesses (prop firm and money management) [19:28]
  • How to find a good trader [21:53]
  • Why traders give up [22:57]
  • Why Richard never gave up [24:03]
  • Richard's top advice for traders looking for a mentor [24:48]
  • How can you find Richard [28:42]
  • And much more!

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204: Technical Trader Who Started A Massive Prop Firm (@LepusTrading)