231: Overcome The Biggest Trading Challenges

Overcome The Biggest Trading Challenges (Q&A)

In episode 231 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, we have the 2nd Q&A for the year in which I tackle the questions you need to succeed in trading.

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In This Episode, You'll Learn…

  • Intro to the 2nd Q&A session of 2020 00:20
  • I don't have enough time! 02:16
  • How to find and use a trading strategy 05:03
  • Adjusting to changing market conditions 07:12
  • How to “control” your emotions 09:36
  • How many strategies should you trade 12:05
  • Is trading always going to have 95%+ of people that try failing? 13:02
  • Binary options? 14:16
  • Strategy Jumping / How to stick to 1 strategy 14:41
  • Opening a trading prop firm? 16:18
  • Minimize the effect of greed / Risk Management 17:13
  • Increasing your trading capital 19:32
  • Listening to analysts on all the charts 19:54
  • Blowing up accounts, what now? 23:05
  • Trading only 1 market session 24:33
  • How to know which timeframe to follow to trade? 25:06
  • Learn the strategy Etienne trades 25:56
  • and more…

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231: Overcome The Biggest Trading Challenges