240: How To Trade For Others – Michael Toma

How To Trade For Others

In this episode 240 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, I interview Michael Toma, a full-time option & futures trader whom I work with inside the Desire To Trade Academy.

Today we discuss how to trade for others in 2020, and answer your questions about it.

Are you ready for it?

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Topics Covered In This Episode

  • What does Michael trade for other people 00:54
  • How Michael start to trade for others 01:52
  • How long after being profitable did it take for Michael to start managing money for others 03:21
  • How Michael presented his trading to potential clients 04:44
  • What type of track record you need to have to present to investors 07:48
  • 1 mistake traders make when presenting to potential
    investors 09:37
  • What type of drawdowns should one have to trade for others 11:21
  • What type of profit splits are there between traders and investors 13:12
  • Investors are trying to sell to you if you have a good track record 14:54
  • What returns are required to get an investment 16:50
  • How long do relationships with investors tend to last 18:57
  • How to keep investors with you for the long term 20:53
  • Why Michael prefers one type of clients to others 22:12
  • How to trade for investors while achieving a freedom lifestyle 24:07
  • Do you need to use specific platforms and tools to trade for other people? 26:11
  • At what amount of capital is it worth it to trade for others? 28:39
  • Take your trading to the next level with the Desire To Trade Team 32:18
  • What are the regulations involved in trading for other people 33:08
  • What would Michale do if he had to start again with only 10,000USD 39:09
  • What type of contract or relationship should a trader have with their clients 42:42
  • Michale's bad experiences with past clients 44:28
  • What does Michael think of Prop Firms 48:10
  • How do you adjust your trading plan for the current market conditions 52:20
  • and much more

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240: How To Trade For Others – Michael Toma