242: How To QUIT YOUR JOB with Forex Trading (Live Q&A)

How To QUIT YOUR JOB with Forex Trading (Q&A)

In this episode 242 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, I'll be answering your top Forex trading questions.

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Topics Covered In This Episode

  • Questions about living in Thailand 00:34
  • What are the struggles and benefits of “naked price action trading” 02:28
  • Access the replay for our latest webinar “Create Your Ideal Forex Trader Daily Routine – Even with a full-time job!” 06:22
  • What is your favorite market? 08:34
  • The importance of taking action now to shape your future 09:08
  • Taxes and trading 12:33
  • Taking your trade entry using indicators or PA? 14:07
  • Is it good to trade multiple strategies? 15:32
  • Is London's session better for swing trading? 16:27
  • Is making 1% per day a good return? 18:09
  • When is it better to trade as a business instead of an individual? 18:45
  • How to learn to swing trade? 20:05
  • What would happen if the world has only 1 currency? 20:21
  • Trading solo or for a hedge fund? 21:25
  • Can you improve your results by trading only 1 pair? 23:33
  • How long does it take to become a successful trader? 25:28
  • Is it normal to have a negative year? 26:07
  • How to balance fundamentals affecting your trades? 27:13
  • Do you still trade Price Action even when having algo trading? 28:09
  • How to handle flash crashes in trading 28:57
  • How to avoid falling with trading scammers? 29:52
  • How we created our trading algo 32:41
  • and much more

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242: How To QUIT YOUR JOB with Forex Trading (Live Q&A)