387: Making A Living Trading For 20+ Years – Adrian Reid (@EnlightenStock)


Making A Living Trading For 20+ Years - Adrian Reid

In episode 387 of the Desire To Trade Podcast,  we will be listening to the recording of an interview with Adrian Reid who's making a living trading for 20+ years. Hear about Adrian's journey from no plans to staying in the game with simple and successful trading strategies. Find out why it's more satisfying for him to follow his systems than closing a trade. If you're looking for strategies on how to become a highly-profitable systematic trader, you need to tune in!

The video is also available for you to watch on YouTube.

>> Watch the video recording!

Topics Covered In This Episode

  • [00:15] Who is Adrian Reid?
  • [00:38] Adrian's first trading experience
  • [02:45] From no plan to systematic trading
  • [04:43] Finding the right strategies
  • [07:04] “Make it your own”
  • [08:08] What makes a good system?
  • [11:42] How Adrian makes a distinction between good enough and “perfect” strategy
  • [13:29] Dealing with correlations in trading
  • [15:16] How do you make your risk-averse personality work with trading?
  • [20:16] Mistakes people make when they trade systems
  • [23:32] Confidence in trading your systems
  • [25:22] On drawdowns…
  • [26:38] How much time Adrian puts into learning or trying out new systems
  • [27:45] Algos vs. automated systematic trading
  • [30:52] What Adrian likes about strategy development
  • [33:33] Backtesting crypto
  • [35:19] How long it takes to be profitable
  • [39:11] Where to find Adrian Reid
  • and much more

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387: Making A Living Trading For 20+ Years – Adrian Reid (@EnlightenStock)