396: Mastering the Trading Mindset: Insights from a Pro Trader – Gary Dayton


In episode 396 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, we will be listening to the recording of an interview with psychologist and pro trader Gary Dayton. They talked about mastering the trading mindset. When a psychologist teaches you how to develop an excellent mindset, you know you're getting valuable trading advice!

The video is also available for you to watch on YouTube.

>> Watch the video recording!

Topics Covered In This Episode

  • [00:15] Introduction
  • [01:01] Who is Gary Dayton?
  • [03:09] Where to start with psychology in trading?
  • [06:52] The effects of pressure on trading
  • [08:47] Leveraging your personality for success
  • [10:58] Developing skills for day trading
  • [12:05] How skills influence whether you're good at day trading or another trading
  • [14:13] IMPORTANT: Three tips on improving mental skills
  • [20:54] Thoughts on keeping a trading journal
  • [21:27] Training yourself to keep trading when you don't feel like it
  • [27:20] Dealing with overtrading
  • [28:28] “Good trading should be boring”
  • [29:39] Scaling up your capital
  • [35:10] Tips for dealing with impatience
  • [37:31] Developing patience in trading
  • [39:20] Where to find Gary Dayton (links below)
  • and much more

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396: Mastering the Trading Mindset: Insights from a Pro Trader – Gary Dayton