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Elite Desire To Trade Academy 2.0

$ 2,400
  • The proven coaching program designed to help anyone trade for a living and achieving financial freedom.
52% off

Ultimate Prop Firm Trading

$ 897
  • Supportive advanced program to get funded & trade full-time in 6-12 months even if you aren’t profitable yet.
25% OFF

Bollinger Band

(Trading Assistant EA - Notifications Only)
$ 199
30% off

Ultimate Day Trader Course

$ 129
  • The Ultimate Day Trader showcases, with live chart example & live trading sessions, how to trade the 3 major sessions intraday in the Forex market.
52% OFF

Creating Your Own Profitable Strategy

$ 89
  • This course will guide you through creating, testing, and improving your own trading strategy!
40% OFF
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frequently asked questions

What course or tool do you recommend for a beginning trader?

The Profitable Trader Collection is our most complete training program for beginners. You get several courses, strategies, and support to ensure you'll become profitable!

What program is best if I want to trade full-time?

The Desire To Trade Academy 2.0 is our #1 program that is designed to help you get profitable and scale up your trading until you get full-time. It includes 1-1 coaching as well!

Where can I see details of the products before I buy?

Under each product listed in our 50K Subscribers Celebration, you'll see “View Program Details”. Click that and you'll be able to read through all the details.

Can I get a refund for products purchased during the 50K Subscribers Celebration?

All our tools & programs that include coaching or mastermind calls aren't eligible for refunds. For other products, conditions apply. You can refer to our Terms & Conditions.

What payment methods are available during the 50K Subscribers Celebration?

Like always, we accept most types of credit cards (Amex, Visa, Mastercard, etc.). If you want to pay through PayPal or another method, you can contact us.


The Desire To Trade – 50k Special Offer