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The Truth about trading strategies

If you look at the most successful traders out there, you'll start to realize that they have their own trading style.

No one who is successful in trading has the same strategy as the guy next to him.

This is reality, and you can verify it by asking any full-time trader you trust.

The strategy he got probably wasn't available for free on the internet.

Nor did he pay a guy/coach to teach him.

And if he did, tons of modifications were made to make the strategy work for him.

That's because a strategy doesn't perform the same for 2 people.

The concept has been made popular through the Turtle Trader experiment in the 1980s.

Those guys gave the same strategy with clear rules to a bunch of traders.

But they soon realize that almost all traders got very different results.

Some were in big losses and even quit. Others were very profitable and went on to become great traders!

So this leaves us with a reflection I had this past week.

Forget copying other traders' strategies…

The only way you'll ever become a successful trader is if you create your own strategy.

If you want to go a step further, create your own trading playbook from scratch.

All the other ways of learning strategies don't work.

In fact, they haven't work for me either. I had to create/tweak until my strategy was profitable.

Unfortunately, it's not a topic as sexy as “here's my strategy, it'll make you millions in 3 days!”

So practically no one talks about how to create your own strategy & make it profitable.

I decided it was time for me to step up because no one else will do it.

Learning to trade & go full-time in 2023 has never been easier…and more difficult.

It's a very strange thing because you'd think with all these mentors, blogs, podcasts, channels available…

…that it would be pretty easy to learn to trade.

But the truth is, we've become lazy.

Not in a bad way though, we've become used to shortcuts and automation.

That's what life in 2023 is about…

The same habitual lazyness we are used to applies a lot here.

You hear about traders (especially on my podcast) that backtested strategies on paper 30 years ago.

It took them long hours.

All by hand, and at the end they had to compile all their stats manually.

No one would ever attempt that today…because we're used to everything being fairly easy.

Based on the responses I received yesterday, I know you want to create your own strategy.

Maybe you think “yeah, I need my own profitable system”, but your mind wants to do 1,000 other things except that hard part of trading.

It convinces you that “one day” you'll be ready to do it, but not right now.

Again, this is not your fault.

It's simply the result of evolution in technology and the way we work now compared to the way people worked 50 years ago.

But let say you finally trick your mind into doing the hard work.

You'll finally put your own strategy together, right?

Well it's not that simple.

For one, you'll probably want someone to help you (paid or on YouTube).

As I mentioned yesterday, no one teaches that because it's not sexy.

It's not a marketing-friendly topic and it doesn't attract most people who learn to trade.

So you're basically left on your own.

Understand I'm not saying this to complain. I'm ranting a bit cause I've been there before and it sucks…

But there's something we haven't talked about yet, and it is why becoming a successful trader in 2023 is so hard. It's the number of choices we have in everything we do.

Back when computers & the internet weren't mainstream, you had ONE way to backtest.

“Take out your 100 printed charts, let's do it by hand.”

You also had ONE or TWO choices of timeframes to trade.

Forget day trading and scalping…you didn't have a high-performing platform.

Today you can trade each increment from 1-minute to weekly charts.

But there's one more thing.

With no trading coaches that owned lambos for marketing, no brokers trying to get your deposit, and no knowledge of 100+ technical analysis tools, you only had ONE choice.

It was to figure out what works and do the work.

I know this might seem tough looking back, but I'd argue it made things easier for those wanting to trade for a living.

So that's why if you are here today (in 2023), you can count on my support.

I sympathize with you for wanting to create a lifestyle where you successfully trade your own strategy.

Learn To Create & Validate Your Own Trading Strategy

what you’ll learn in this Intensive Training:

  • How to put a strong strategy together in 30 mins or less.
  • The step-by-step method to backtest a trading strategy quickly.
  • My tips for analyzing your strategy results and improving them.
  • A simple methodology for making any trading strategy better.
  • The framework of trading strategies that work long-term.
  • Your personalized plan for scaling up with your own strategy.
  • The Strategy Analyzer Spreadsheet & how to use it.

It's important for me to make things clear.

The last thing I want is for you to have a program you don't really need in your hands.

I understand you might wonder if that's a good fit for you or not.

If you are a trader who wants to copy someone else's strategy, the program is not going to help you. There are tons of strategies out there, including multiple on my YouTube channel.

If you are new to trading (less than 6 months), you'll have a hard time creating your own trading strategy. I would hold off until you gain more experience. Start to surround yourself with experienced traders by listening to my podcast.

Lastly, if your strategy is already profitable and traded live, you'll get minimal results from this program. In that case, you need a plan to scale, which you can mostly do on your own.

Creating Your Own Profitable Strategy is good for those who want to create a strategy of their own from scratch.

It's for people who want guidance through the entire process.

If you have failed to properly backtest your strategy before, I will show you a fool-proof way to do it that will save you time.

And if you tried to create something of your own before, but the results weren't profitable, this will help.

I'll show you how to read your metrics and how to make any strategy better.

The result is you'll have something of your own that nobody else trades.

You'll become the master of it, and your strategy will most likely be profitable over the long-term.

This might all sound like a lot of work, but I'm here to simplify the process for you.

I've prepared a lot of tools and tactics that I'll share with you to make this process straight-forward.

Learn To Create & Validate Your Own Trading Strategy

This program contains a bit over 3 hours of content to help you create, test, and improve your trading strategy. You can access the videos & resources at anytime through the member area.

I also want to ensure you get the support you need to create a profitable strategy. For that reason, you'll get lifetime support to apply the content of the program to your trading.

If you are stuck or not sure how to proceed in your trading journey, send an email to My team and I will ensure you continue on the right track.

You will also keep lifetime access to the recording so you can go back and learn new things consistently.

This program may not be on sale in the future. It is a one-time offer only and I tried making it as affordable as possible while making it worth my time. 

I believe this is a topic any trader looking to become successful should learn about. 

Learn to create & validate your own trading strategy: 

One-time $149 payment. Step-by-step to creating, testing, and improving your 1st trading strategy. Lifetime access to the course.

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Creating Your Own Profitable Strategy