010: The Story Of A Hard Working Forex Trader (@AkilStokesRTM)

The Story Of A Hard Working Trader - Akil Stokes

The Story Of A Hard Working Forex Trader – Akil Stokes

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Akil Stokes, a hard working Forex trader shares the key to his success in trading.

Akil started right out of college, being unemployed. Today, he can be found almost everywhere online, teaching traders how to succeed in trading.

Everything changed for Akil upon filling up a free assessment from Trade Empowered (still available today!). At the time, the lack of structure in his trading made his results inconsistent. This lead him to enter the training program offered by Trade Empowered.

Later, as someone passioned by helping others, he joined Trade Empowered to help traders and provide them with what they need to succeed. What made Akil Stokes successful is without any doubts his competitive spirit. Having been involved in sports, he knows that hard work, and not giving up ultimately lead to success.

So many things were covered in the podcast including:

  • Akil's story as a struggling trader
  • The key to backtest effectively
  • What's in Akil's Trading Library
  • What's a hard working Forex trader
  • His one sentence of advice for traders
  • And much more…


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010: The Story Of A Hard Working Forex Trader (@AkilStokesRTM)